Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ben 10 Alien Force HELEN!

Ben 10 Alien Force - Helen Wheels - UK Exclusive - BanDai 2010

I discovered this little gem a few months ago when I reviewed Gwen Anodite.  I still feel that the Ben 10 franchise has produced far too few female figures.  Aside from this Helen figure, all we've seen are variations of Gwen Tennyson so far.  This figure is definitely a step in the right direction.  My favorite thing about Ben 10 is the awesome character design of the aliens.  Even though I don't know much about the storylines or characters, what I would love to see are female figures of each of these alien species.  Helen is one of the Kineceleran aliens (the same species as the main character XLR8).  Almost all sources I've found online state this figure was a UK Exclusive and not available in North America, but I bought mine from Canada so that may be a little inaccurate.  The bright colors, cool design, and overall fun factor of this figure is amazing.  I hope we see more, because I combed through the Ben 10 Planet wiki and there are tons of cool female aliens out there.  For now, let's check out Helen Wheels below!

Helen comes with a small pistol-type gun and a file card.

Her articulation and poseability is really fun and well-designed.  She has eight simple joints at her knees, hips, shoulders, neck , and tail.  But for some reason you can still get her into a lot of great action poses.

Here are some images of Helen from the cartoon.

Time for some Comparison Pics!



  1. She is very cool! I like the Gwen too. Are you going to buy any of the regular Gwen figures?

    1. I keep watching auctions for the different Gwen figures, but they all seem pretty boring in comparison with these too. I'll probably get them eventually, but only if I can snag them super cheap.

  2. I soooo wish some of the sexy alien gals from Omniverse had a toy, but sadly the toyline was really lacking. At least Fistina (who is actually Gobots Crasher!) should have had a toy... she appeared in dozens of episodes.

    1. I never heard of Fistina but it's amazing how much she looks like Crasher. Crasher terrfied me as a kid, so naturally as an adult I'm obsessed with her. I've been very tempted by that Cocomone figure, but the fact that she has a reused male body makes me hesitate.

    2. Oh yeah, she is a dead-ringer for her. Sadly, she never got a toy.
      Terrified? I always thought the Gobots toon was just silly. Well, except for that one episode where Leader-1 fights a Zod to the death in a junkyard - at least in my mind that was awesome cool.
      Cocomone? Hmmm, don't know that one. Got a link?
      And if you like gobots, you'll be happy to hear Bandai revived the franchise, some amazing "masterpiece" style toys are coming this february:
      Crasher is not in the first wave, but I doubt they would leave her out.
      For now, I am using the 2007 Movie Fracture (Classics Mirage repaint) as her - that toy works well as a female character.