Sunday, July 21, 2013

Injustice 3.75" HARLEY QUINN!

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Cyborg vs Harley Quinn 2-Pack - DC Collectibles 2013

Sorry for the delay in posting.  I had a dramatic few days last week where my central air unit was pouring water all over my floors, followed by a wonderful 8-day vacation (despite worrying about leaking water the whole time), but when I was 5 minutes from home Friday morning (with plans to blog all day), my car got hit by a distracted driver.  No one was hurt, but it was a total pain and it sucked up more time than you can imagine.  Anyway, when I finally logged on, I was utterly distracted by all the SDCC news and have been pretty much unproductive for the last 36 hours.  Anyway, enough of my woes, let's hear about this kinky little Harley figure.  I'm really on the fence about this costume design.  I'm missing her classic look more and more, but on the other hand I much prefer this look over the sexy nurse getup.  These video game designs (and their surprising popularity) is making me a little weary.  I think they look way too busy and distracting.  Plus every female apparently has to look like a dominatrix who has been rolling in the mud.  That said, it's interesting to have a variation like this in my Harley collection.  Let's check her out!

These new two-packs frustrate me a little.  For starters, the figures are very expensive.  3.75" figures with no accessories and plain packaging should not cost $15 a piece, let alone $30 for the 2-Packs you are forced to buy.  If these were packaged as singles, I would have most definitely picked up Wonder Woman and Raven, but I couldn't justify the expense on characters that aren't on my A-list.

I like that they incorporated more clown/jester details into this costume than we've seen in the past few videogame Harleys.  Mostly I'm talking about her pixie boots and "jester-hat-styled" waistcoat.

I may have been griping about the trashy appearance of the costume, but overall I think she's a pretty cool (albeit overpriced) figure.  She's instantly recognizable as a unique variation of Harley.  Plus, among all my other Harleys, she's large enough to notice, but small enough to not be a distraction. 

She's decently poseable.  The articulation style is very similar to Marvel or G.I.Joe figures from Hasbro.

Here are some images of Harley from the game.

Time for a Comparison Shot!



  1. She is a nice little figure.

    I am not too keen on the costumes they are using for the characters. Plus I've heard of quite a few issues with these figures breaking. Not sure if I'll buy any of these yet.

    I do like some of the Green Lantern figures they are doing in this scale. A very cool Bleez was shown, but I don't think she's made it out yet:

    1. That sucks about them breaking. I hadn't heard any of that. I am excited by that Bleez figure, but not sure if I'll get her unless she's sold in a single-pack. I am hoping that the Arrow figures might include a Huntress in the future. Even though it's not the most exciting look for her, it would be a cool variation for me collection.