Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mega-Scale ThunderCats CHEETARA!

ThunderCats Classic - Mega-Scale Cheetara - Mezco 2013

This giant lady pushed my little photo tent to its limits this week.  I also have no idea where to display her in my collection.  She measures in at 14" tall and all my Ikea shelves fall woefully short of that stature.  Regardless of my shock over her height, this figure is stunning.  The original design for Cheetara has never had a new figure until this release.  Yes, the new ThunderCats figures were great and the new designs were cool, but nothing can ever top a classic 80's look.  I've been tempted by the Mega-scale figures since they first started appearing in TRU a few years ago.  But the only thing holding me back was the uncertainty of a Cheetara release.  Of course, now the old ones are too pricey.  Sigh.  Maybe now they'll make a Pumyra so she's not the only tall girl at the party.  These figures are nicely made.  She seems to be rotocast in a sturdy hollow vinyl and features ten points of articulation.  Her leg articulation doesn't offer much variation if you want her to keep standing, but the arms and head can actually work together to give you a lot of different looks.  Let's check her out below!

This review is going to be basically all pictures because I'm running super late :)

Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. Hoooly crap that's a big figure!! haha

    I'm also kicking myself for not buying the others when I had the chance, but I had to be sure we'd get Cheetara. She does not disappoint! Stunning figure. Really great sculpt & paint work.

    It would be awesome to see Pumyra & the Kits included as well.

    1. It's funny because after I wrote this, I went to a TRU I rarely go to and they had Panthro and Mumm-Ra on clearance (TRU clearance is usually like $1 off haha). I passed on the purchase because having Cheetara in hand made me realize that I really can't display them that well at the moment. I'm moving in a year and I'll hopefully have a much more expansive nerd cave in my new abode.