Thursday, July 24, 2014

DC Comics Duplo: Batcave Adventure 10545 - Catwoman - LEGO/Duplo 2014

I've been hunting down this little lady since she was first shown at Toy Fair earlier this year.  I've never owned anything Duplo or ever really paid attention to the brand before this.  I'm pleasantly surprised at the size of the figures.  They are roughly 3" tall - which really makes her stand out among my other mini Catwoman figures.  They are very solidly constructed and the paint application is flawless (which I was nervous about since she comes in a windowless box).  The DC Comics Duplo brand suddenly showed up at my local Toys R' Us last week.  Of course Catwoman has to come in the most expensive set, but there are plenty of smaller and cheaper sets (like the Superman one) available.  Hopefully this line does well because I'd love to see more heroes in this format.  I'm sure Wonder Woman is a shoe-in eventually, but I personally think Batgirl would look really cute in Duplo form.  Let's check out this adorable little Catwoman below!





Her tail is a really fun addition, but it is unarticualted and will hinder any sitting poses.

Catwoman came in the Duplo Batcave Adventures set.  It includes Batman, a Bat-plane, the Batcave (w/ a slide), and a Computer Station.

Catwoman is articulated at the Neck, Shoulders, Wrists, and she has a single piece leg joint.

Catwoman comes with an orange suitcase accessory (presumably to hold her stolen loot).



Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!
Here she is with the regular Lego release and the Lego LED Flashlight.

From Left to Right:  Kubrick Batman Returns Catwoman, Imaginext Catwoman, Lego Catwoman, Duplo Catwoman, Lego LED Flashlight, Mini-mates Catwoman, Bearbrick Dark Knight Rises Catwoman.


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