Thursday, October 9, 2014

DC Super Heroes Grab Zags - CATWOMAN!
DC Comics - DC Superheroes Grab Zags - Series 01 - Blip Toys 2014

These little figures are kind of tough to name.  Technically the term "Grab Zags" isn't anywhere on the packaging.  But last year the Marvel Grab Zags were everywhere and these generically-named DC Figures are clearly the same type of figure and from the same manufacturer. Blip Toys are the geniuses behind the Squinkie phenomenon (which has seemingly died down.. unfortunately).  The sheer markup of those little collectible rubber blobs must be astounding, so I'm a little surprised we aren't seeing them flooding the market.  These Grab Zags have more oomph in the collector's market in my opinion, but their biggest downfall is that they are kind of hard to find.  Luckily Target has stocked them in their Halloween toy section this season making them readily available for all.. albeit temporarily.  The women in this first wave are Catwoman and a New 52 Wonder Woman.  As far as I can tell, there is no code system to the blind bags, so hone your squeezing skills and let's check out Catwoman below!


All the figures come with a figure stand that can interlock with the other figures and a clear post that rises out of the base and fits into a peg hole in the characters' backs.


Time for some Comparison Pics!
Here she is with two of her fellow Series 01 figures: Green Arrow and Superman.

From Left to Right: Batman Returns Kubrick Catwoman, Art Asylum C3 Catwoman (Mini-mate), Grab Zags Catwoman, and Imaginext Catwoman.



  1. They had these at Walgreens too. I squeezed a few, but couldn't locate a Catwoman!

    1. She's really hard to feel. I had to buy a handful over the course of several days and I kept getting Cyborg accidentally when I swore it was Catwoman. Then again, I am the worst squeezer I know. I have a coworker who has amazing squeezing skills and I often beg her to come with me on our lunch breaks haha.

  2. Your blog is one of the first things that came up when I googled these. (I kept getting linked to the squinkies versions) I had never seen them before my trip to Target today. You might be interested to know that they're on clearance for about 80% off. I found them by accident. There was a pile of them sitting on top of a box of shampoo in haircare. I grabbed up one of them to put under the price scanner and then went back for the whole pile when I saw how marked down they were. I'm usually a huge squeezer but for 80 cents I'll take whatever. The first bag I opened (green arrow) was missing it's stand though, which is a bummer.