Friday, October 31, 2014

Marvel Universe - MISTRESS DEATH!

Marvel Universe SDCC '14 Exclusive - Infinity Gauntlet Boxset - Hasbro 2014

Happy Halloween!  I didn't have the forethought to do my typical series of Halloween reviews this year, but I did save this spooky lady that I've had on my shelves since August.  My first exposure to Mistress Death was in 1991's Infinity Gauntlet.  To be perfectly honest she always confused me.  I didn't know if she was the Grim Reaper, Thanos' wife, some sort of God, whatever.  All I knew is that she was omnipresent and creepy and she definitely made an impression.  She was honestly one of my favorite things about that series.  If I can rant for a second: that comic series was the first time the comic market made me feel like a sucker.  I was thirteen and busting my butt mowing lawns and delivering newspapers to fund all my emerging hobbies.  I got sucked into the "Infinity" storyline and spent all my pennies on a million crossovers and follow-up events.. a three year endeavor.  I approach all "big event" comics with trepidation now because that was a soul-sucking experience for an impressionable young nerd.  Rant over!  Let's check out Death below!

The SDCC 2014 Exclusive Infinity Gauntlet boxset is HUGE!  Mine came in a box from that took up the entire backseat of my car.  I took these pictures on my kitchen floor because it was so bulky (and then photoshopped out the floor tiles).  I can't imagine going to the show and actually buying this in person.  I think convention exclusives should strive to have compact packaging.

The set came with Starfox, Nebula, Thanos, Mistress Death, and a large wearable Infinity Gauntlet.

Mistress Death is only articulated at the Neck and Wrist.

Death has an alternate Human Head (so humans can comprehend her without having their minds blown), as well as a Human Hand.  Her hood is removable to enable the head swap.

Here are some images of Mistress Death from the comics.

Time for Some Comparison Shots!

Here she is with the rest of the Infinity Gauntlet SDCC set.


Happy Halloween!


  1. i have two of this. Love them. death has pop up for many years. The fact that she has two figures ( Marvel Select), considering she's mostly a background character is great. RE: Madame Web (Toybiz), still can't believed they did that. LOVE it. The rarer the better in my dictionary.

    1. Madame Webb is a figure I've been hunting down recently but haven't had success yet. I have a couple collector toy stores near me what have a lot of Toy Biz stock. I think I'll check them out Saturday before I splurge on an ebay purchase.