Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Marvel Universe - NEBULA!

Marvel Universe SDCC '14 Exclusive - Infinity Gauntlet Boxset - Hasbro 2014

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  I just returned from a week in Mexico where I spent my days laying on perfect beaches and my warm nights zipping down narrow streets on scooters.  It was wonderfully detached from my day-to-day reality.  I even managed to go on a little toy hunt.  They have these Wal-Mart-type stores called Chedraui, but unfortunately their toy section was practically identical to anything I see here in the states.  At least I didn't have any awkward customs inquisitions like the time I flew with a Catwoman statue in my carry-on, haha.  Anyway, back to the grind.  This comic version of Nebula owes everything to her key role in the Guardians of the Galaxy film.  If I listed all the Marvel heroines who were deserving of action figures, Nebula would be way way down on that list.  That said, I love obscurity and she certainly does make an interesting little figure.  And the film version of Nebula opened my eyes to the coolness of the character.  Let's check her out in detail below!

As I mentioned in last week's Mistress Death review, the Infinity Gauntlet storyline burned me out as a young comic reader and my memories of Nebula are fuzzy at best.  I remember her obtaining the Gauntlet for herself, and being in some kind of death-state.  Beyond that, everything is fuzzy.  I must say though, Blue-skinned characters are inexplicably interesting to me and Nebula is no exception.

This figure of Nebula has skin that is cast in a pale blue plastic with a slight level of translucency to it.  This plastic actually illuminates subtly in my photo box and creates a blurry haze over her facial features.

Nebula comes with an Infinity Gauntlet accessory.  This accessory created some issues with people selling these SDCC figures loose on eBay.  In the packaging, the Gauntlet is packed very distinctly with Starfox (leading people to think that it should be included in an auction for a loose Starfox figure).  However, (1) Starfox never wore the Gauntlet in the comics, but Nebula did; (2) It doesn't fit on Starfox's hand, but it does fit on Nebula's; and (3) the images on the back of the packaging show it belonging to Nebula.

Here are some images of Nebula from the comics (and one still from the Silver Surfer animated series).

I never thought about the Gauntlet changing sizes depending on the wearer, but that must be part of its mysticism.

Time for some Group and Comparison shots!

Here she is with the rest of the SDCC Infinity Gauntlet set: Mistress Death, Thanos, and Starfox.


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