Thursday, November 6, 2014

Monogram International FIGURAL ERASERS!

Marvel & DC Comics Collectible Erasers - Monogram International 2013-14

Novelty items are a constant thorn in the sides of collectors.  Sometimes they are just so gimmicky and unattractive that you in no way are tempted to buy them.  But then the collecting bug rears its ugly head and you think "but I already got the Squinkies and Nog'nz.. so don't I need to get these?"  Plus they are almost always super cheap.  It's a slippery slope indeed.  These Monogram Erasers didn't appeal to me at all when I first saw pictures of them a year or two ago.  They had all the trappings of a sloppy final product (paint masking issues, deformed molds, etc) and they just somehow lack the "cute" factor that Grab Zags, Chibis and Squinkies have. But I realize now that I was being a bit too judgmental.  When I was buying the exclusive keychain set at this year's Monogram NYCC booth, I took the time to sort through the bins of these erasers to find the best looking ones, and in the process I began to appreciate these weird little guys.  Let's check them all out in detail below!

These collectible erasers come in a variety of different packaging options.  Mine all came in clear nondescript polybags (with the exception of the Marvel one which had colorful graphics on the hangtag and backing card).  I've also seen them sold in multipacks and foiled blind bags.

Black Widow

Harley Quinn


Wonder Woman

Time for some Group and Comparison Shots!

Here are the DC ladies together.

And with Black Widow for good measure.

From Left to Right: Mini-Mate, Infinite Heroes, Squinkies, Monogram Eraser, Pocket Heroes, and Chibi.



  1. I think the Black Widow is the best looking out of the group and the Harley Quinn is a little frighting.

    1. Yeah she's not great up close, but these photos are like 100s of times their real size. In person they all look pretty tiny and cute. All the Marvel characters have much better sculpts and paint apps. They came out a year or two before the DC ones I think.