Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Spider-Man Infinite Series - Hobgoblin Wave - Warriors of the Web - Hasbro 2015

Ever since Ultimate Spider-Woman first appeared way back in 2006 I've been obsessed.  In the Ultimate universe, Jessica Drew is a clone of Peter Parker, embodying all his powers and memories.  This origin led to some interesting romantic interactions over the years.  She's expressed a natural attraction to red-headed girls (a'la Peter's enfatuation with MJ).  But she's also had some bizarre romantic trysts with men.  In the instance of Iceman, the fact that she retained all of Peter's memories made it very interesting.  I didn't realize it at the time, but it really touched on a lot of gender and transgender issues, albeit in a very vague sci-fi way. But beyond all her backstory, Spider-Woman's costume just seems so incredibly cool to me. It is so simple, yet very unique.  I found myself eagerly buying every comic she was in for years.  It didn't hurt that the amazing Stuart Immonen was the main artist during much of her character development.  Without further ado, let's check out Ultimate Spider-Woman!

Here are some images of Ultimate Spider-Woman from the comics.

For a brief time she was drawn with a triangle of forehead exposed.  I really didn't like this development.

By the way, this figure came out at the just the right time.  Jessica's costume and codename recently underwent a tragic overhaul.  She's now the Black Widow and wears an awful jacketed costume.  This image below is the best I've ever seen it look.

Normally it looks like this now.  ugh.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with her wave-mate May Parker Spider-Girl (review coming tomorrow!)

And here she is with last year's Anya Corazon Spider-Girl.  They share the same body.

...And with the only other Ultimate Spider-Woman figure so far.



  1. i can't wait to get this figure. Love the design and specially the hair. It is a good year for Marvel heroines what with, captain Marvel, The Witch, The spider Gals ( all three), and must-have Hellcat. Maria Hill, and the announced Thundra, Misty, Valkyrie etc. If they do a Jocasta for SDCC i can die happy.

    1. She definitely has the most dynamic hair of any Marvel Legends figure. I think it's great. Although it does add a lot of weight to her head. Don't forget Wasp, White Tiger, and the movie Nebula they said we'd be getting "eventually." This year will be great. And I fully expect Spider-Gwen and Silk to be shown at SDCC.

  2. All these Spider-Gals look great together! I'm not terribly familiar with any of them, but I do really like the May Parker Spider-Girl and hope I find her someday.

    1. All my Walmarts have empty pegs dedicated to this wave. I expect them to show up any day. I think May will be a hot figure. I think she'll have both collector appeal and Mom appeal, so she won't be in the stores for long.