Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sonic the Hedgehog's CREAM THE RABBIT!

Sonic the Hedgehog: SonicX - Cream and Cheese - Toy Island 2005

This action figure makes me a little sad because it represents the last Sonic girl on my list of must-haves.  There are some alternate versions of some characters I don't technically have, but for the most part this is it.  I now own all the Toy Island, Jazwares, and Tomy ladies.  Cream the Rabbit was no easy girl to catch either.  I've been hunting her down for years and I rarely see her under $80.  Luckily I recently acquired her cheaply, albeit loose and without her companion Cheese.  Cream is a young 6-yo rabbit in the Sonic Universe.  She is known to everyone as the daughter of Vanilla the Rabbit but has an interesting creation history.  Cream was originally intended to be a young fox relative of Tails, then later she was designed as a squirrel.  We only ever saw the final version though when she made her debut in 2003's Sonic Heroes.  Cream is a (flying) sidekick for playable characters like Amy Rose and Blaze the Cat.  Let's check out the rare figure in detail below!

Unlike the modern Sonic figures, these early Sonic X figures were made of hollow vinyl and in a significantly larger scale.

Cream the Rabbit has 5 simple points of articulation.

Here is an image of her Chao friend Cheese.  I'm assuming he had no articulation.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is the whole bunch.  From Left to Right:  Jazwares Classic Amy Rose, Jazwares Amy Rose, Tomy Amy Rose, Toy Island Rouge the Bat, Tomy Sticks the Badger, Toy Island Cream, Jazwares Blaze the Cat, Jazwares Wave the Swallow (repaint), and Jazwares Wave the Swallow (Original).

And here's a close-up with Rouge the Bat.



  1. That's quite the line-up of Sonic ladies! Congrats on the score and on completing the group.

    1. Thanks! Now I just hope Tomy makes more!

    2. cheese has head articulation fyi i found him at a convention

  2. Sonic Ladies are incomplete! For it to be complete, Vanilla the Rabbit must be in the collection.