Thursday, April 9, 2015

Marvel Legends - SPIDER-WOMAN!

Marvel Legends Infinite Series - Thanos Wave - Fierce Fighters - Hasbro 2015

Wow this has been an insane year for Spider-Women.  In the past 12-14 months we've received Anya Corazon Spider-Girl, Mayday Parker Spider-Girl, Ultimate Spider-Woman, and Black Cat in wonderfully updated Marvel Legends form.  But that list couldn't be complete without the originator, Jessica Drew.  Legend has it that Spider-Woman was created as a preemptive strike against copyright infringement.  Shortly before her creation (in 1977), DC Comics had sued Marvel over the character Wonder Man and his similarities to DC's Wonder Woman.  After that debacle (and a similar one between Power Girl and Power Man), Marvel decided to lock down any potential gender-swapped characters and swiftly created Spider-Woman.  Despite these uninspired origins, she was an instant hit and was granted a solo title and an animated series almost immediately.  This figure is by far the best action figure of Jessica we've seen - the Marvel Select version being a close second.  Let's check her out below!

I'm a sucker for a consistent costume.  
Until a tragic revamp a few months ago, Jessica had worn the same costume for nearly 30 years.

There are definitely some paint flaws with this figure.  My Spider-Woman has many scuff-marks on her boots, some of the black lining around her eyes is patchy, and the yellow on her stomach seems thin.  I'm fine with all these flaws personally, but they are something to keep an eye out for when shopping.

Spider-Woman comes with alternate sets of under-arm webbing that anchor into a slot on her inner arm.  The tabs stay secured very nicely on my figure (I've read reports of the connection being loose on some).

I like to mix it up with one spread web and one collapsed.

Here are some images of Jessica from the comics.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the 2006 Marvel Select figure and the horrendous 2006 Marvel Legends figure.

Here she is with her wave-mate Hellcat.

And with the whole Spider-Lady crew:  Anya Corazon Spider-Girl, Ultimate Spider-Woman, and Mayday Parker Spider-Girl.

With the best friends Carol (and Carol).



  1. I love the collection! The old and the older Toybiz, Select, MU, and those Super hero squad! Nice!And yes, I couldn't agree with you more that THIS costume IS Spider-Woman's best and SHOULD be the only one. While I have no personal qualms with the new one, the red and yellow is just sexy and classic. It being a Marvel Legends in the Hasbro's update just makes me miss her new costume even more when it comes to her new comic line. Though I admit I'll buy a Hasbro Legends of her new one.

    1. Thanks! I think I actually have more Spider-Women in my collection but this was all I could wrangle up on short notice (most of my Marvel stuff isn't on display yet since i moved last year... soon though). That group photo made me realize how much I really miss SHS. I got distracted and pulled out my whole collection. I'm thinking I'll do a massive post of all the SHS women. Spider-Woman's new costume is not horrible, it's just boring to me. I've noticed how the Bat-Women and Spider-Women always compete with each other. As soon as all the press about Batgirl's new costume came out, my first thought was literally "okay, so which Spider-Lady is going to get a new costume now?" (The best parallel was in 2009-11 when Anya Corazon and Steph Brown were both adopted their respective mantles in their short-lived solo books. They are still my favorite Spider-Girl and Bat-Girl.) I would also buy a figure of Jessica's new costume, but it would be a shame if we saw that before Silk and Spider-Gwen (who have much better designs IMO). I'm hoping her costume will actually revert to the classic look after Secret Wars (which coincidentally seems like it is going to parallel DC's current Convergence storyline exactly.... it's uncanny).

  2. That's a great shot with all of the Spider Women!

    1. Thanks! the original ML Spider-woman was not cooperating though. She's actually slumped against the backdrop haha.

  3. I am obsessed with this SW! love her head and bright red colour. Unfortunately the idiot that sold it to me loose forgot the extended wings, but i am getting a second one when they arrive in the UK.
    I also have display all the spider ladies with Black Cat and Spidey sharing a pizza slice. I LOVE it. Cant stop looking at it.
    I am enjoying the new Spider-woman, but i consider her classic costume the best, same with Carol. i prefer her sexy black leather, the new one is good, but i keep thinking Miraclewoman.
    I never realised how hideous my old ML SW was till recently. And i have two of those! hahaha!
    Wonderful review. The photo with all the SW's really pops!

    1. She is a beautiful little figure. Too bad about your missing wings. Hopefully you get your new ones soon. I haven't actually set up my Spider-Woman display yet, mostly because I was waiting for this figure. I'm not going to wait for the upcoming White Tiger though, I'm way too antsy. I mostly prefer classic looks for costumes, but only if the original costumes are more colorful. So with Carol I prefer the modern over the black, but I like the original red overall. (but Dazzler has me torn, I like both the disco and the blue). I actually sold my original ML Spider-Women years ago when I replaced them with the Marvel Select version, but then I re-bought them just a few months ago when I decided to create a whole Spider-Lady shelf. It always comes full circle with me :)

  4. Great Spider-Woman collection! She's one of my favorite Marvel characters but I never bought an action figure because I didn't care for the ones that have been released. I'm not totally sold on the body for this one but her head is gorgeous. I'll probably pick her up so I can finally have a Jess figure.

    1. That is pretty funny because before i got this figure, I loved the body but wasn't sold on the head. haha. I think the thighs look a little too muscular for Jessica, but it reminds me so much of Frank Cho's take on her in those amazing New Avengers issues (back in 2006) that I still this she's great. In person you'll love her.