Saturday, July 18, 2015

KRE-O Transformers - NIGHTBIRD!

Botcon 2015 Exclusive "Earth's Most Wanted" 5-Pack - Nightbird - Hasbro 2015

Nightbird was the first real female character in Transformers. She appeared in episode #22 "Enter the Nightbird" in 1985 (Elita-1 and her clan of female Autobots didn't appear until episode #48). Nightbird was a robot created by the US Government that was swiftly captured and brainwashed by the Decepticons. She was a silent, non-transforming, ninja robot who was stealthily sneaking around and using her arsenal of weapons throughout the episode. I distinctly remember filling up notebooks drawing her as a child. I was totally obsessed with her. Not only was she the first female in the series, but she was seriously kick-ass. Both Optimus Prime and Megatron were fighting over her. I never expected to see any toys of her in my lifetime, but now we have three Third-Party figures, this Kreon, and a retooled Arcee being released this October from Tomy in Japan. It's so bizarre to be living in such a Golden Age of toy collecting. I feel like toy companies are reading my mind. Let's check out this Nightbird Kreon below!

Nightbird came in the Botcon 2015 Kreon Souvenier Figure set "Earth's Most Wanted" along with: Autobot Spike, Robot Master, Dr. Arkeville, and Sentinel Prime with Headmaster.  They are all individually sealed in clear baggies within a larger black opaque bag.  Included is an insert with a comic strip as well as a baggie with figure stands for all the characters.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with two Third-Party Nightbirds (both from Impossible Toys).

And here she is with a handful of evil female Deceptacons.  
From Left to Right: Slipstike, Airachnid, Nightbird, Blackarachnia, and Strika.



  1. Very cool! I have some Kre-O Transformers, but she is exceptional

    1. Thanks! She really snuck up on me too. I saw a random post about leftover Botcon exclusives available on the Collector's Club Website and stumbled upon her blindly.