Friday, July 31, 2015

Marvel Legends SDCC Exclusive - MAGIK!

Marvel Legends: Book of the Vishanti - SDCC Exclusive 5-Pack - Hasbro 2015

One of the things I love about comics is the ability to have long drawn-out character development. I especially love it when there is a family legacy involved. Nothing can really top Marvel's Guthrie family in that particular department, but Illyana Rasputin was my first exposure to this kind of storytelling. Some of my earliest comic books were Classic X-Men issues which reprinted those early scenes of Colossus on his Russian farmstead with his little blonde sister running around in the background. Around the same time I was avidly reading the New Mutants and I was pretty giddy when Illyana appeared on the team as Magik. She proved to be quite a handful over the years. She was definitely the tempestuous, dark, and dramatic one of the group. And I must admit I haven't paid attention to her since those early days. This costume on this figure is completely new to me, as is her weaponry. But at least her hairstyle has stayed very consistent over the decades! Let's check out Magik below!

The Book of the Vishanti boxset is amazing. Honestly one of the coolest packaging schemes I've ever seen.

Magik comes with two swords.  I'm assuming the big one is her Soulsword (although it's nothing like her thin flaming sword from days or yore).  I'm not sure of the story behind the small sword, but in most modern images I've seen she's brandishing both.

Here are some images of Magik from the comics.

The other members of this exclusive box set include an astral projection Dr. Strange, Dormammu, Brother Voodoo, and Hela.  All are fantastic figures.  As a group, they make great use of translucent plastics in really awesome ways.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with her pack-mate Hela.

And the whole 5-Pack Book of the Vishanti gang.

And with two other random Marvel Legends ladies for reference: Medusa and Gamora.



  1. That is a very sweet set. I like it more that I see of it. Thanks for the showcase.

    1. It's a great set indeed. Unfortunately the aftermarket price for Magik has skyrocketed. I feel bad for anyone who needs her.

  2. This figure has become one of my favourite ML figures. First its a New Mutant. I grew up with them. And second, even if she is quite dominatrix, you can still see its her. That big honking sword was first seen in Korvus in the Shi'ar saga with Polaris, Havok, Rachel etc. Im not sure either how Illyana ends up with it (whims of the artist, i guess). This set is great, except the Dr Strange astral form with moustache. I rather they put Enchantress, or Karnilla, or Lilith or even Baron Mordo, OR CLEA!! But i digress...You can't have it all. But four great figures out of five is not bad. Much better than last year, of which i only got Medusa and Gladiator.

    1. I actually liked the astral Dr Strange. I thought the bluish hue of the plastic with the silver paint details were great. I wish they would use that kind of technique on one of the clear Sue Storms. Plain clear with no ornamentation looks odd. I'll have to look into the Shi'ar saga. I'm really behind on my "Where are they now?"s with my New Mutants. This Illyana has inspired me to catch up.

  3. I love how you explain your relationship and experience with each is a pleasure and addicting!Thank you!