Monday, August 3, 2015

Batman '66 Yvonne Craig BATGIRL!

Batman Classic TV Series - Batgirl - SDCC Exclusive - Mattel 2015

One of the greatest joys in my childhood was tuning in to the Batman TV show (in randomly-ordered syndication during the mid-1980s) and seeing that animated shot of Batgirl swinging into the shot with a "Bong!" indicating that she would be starring in that episode. She was only featured in the final 26 doomed episodes of that series, but she made a pretty profound impact on me and all Batman fans. The Barbara Gordon Batgirl that we all know and love is generally accepted to have been jointly developed at the same time in the show and the comic. The Bette Kane Bat-Girl had been phased out years prior and the mantle was sorely in need of a resurrection. The comic version has really persevered and I have tons of collectibles to prove that. Unfortunately the purple-clad Yvonne Craig version hasn't had the same presence in the toy aisles. This figure is only the second official item released. At least four others are coming in the near future, but there's a lot of lost time to make up for!  Let's check her out!

So Mattel kind of duped us by announcing this figure as an SDCC exclusive, when in actuality it was just the packaging that was exclusive.  I saw my local TRU stocked with this figure just this afternoon.  Of course it was in a 3-pack with Batman and Robin, not this single-boxed version.

Batgirl has a very similar body to the Catwoman we got in this series back in 2013. All the pieces of the body have new sculpted details, just the general shape is the same.  The coloring of this figure seems a little off.  I like that they made a distinction in the different purple hues of her outfit, but the difference is a bit to drastic in both directions.  There is also a subtle glittery quality to the dark purple, but it seems, again, that it should either have more or less.. like they couldn't commit to a look.  The prototypes shown at conventions seemed more finished and intentional. 

I wonder how the cape will hold up over time.  I kind of like its stiffness and I hope it doesn't get too droopy.

Batgirl comes with a figure stand and a cardboard standee to anchor into that stand.

Time for some Group and Comparsion Pics!

Here she is with the Julie Newmar Catwoman figure from 2013.

And with the NJ Croce Bendie from a few months ago.

And here she is with the recent Greg Capullo Batgirl and New 52 Batgirl - DCC 2014



  1. The colors do seem off by quite a ways. I hope she ends up available in a single, or the three pack ends up deeply discounted (yeah right, we all know Toys R Us would rather hold on to a shelf full of toys that don't sell for decades rather than discount them.) but I'm just not excited enough about her to shell out at the going price.

    1. I don't know if you saw, but it appears as if the single-boxed version is hitting TRUs in limited supply right now. Good luck hunting!

  2. She looks sweet! not sure i will be rushing for this yet. Not as big a fan as you of Batman gals. but she looks mega cute, so you never know. Maybe at a comic-con, for the right price. Great review, i can feel tha love.

    1. How can you NOT love the Batman gals???! haha. I know. sometimes I look through my my blog page and I'm like "Man! There are a LOT of Catwoman reviews on here..." I'm gettign equally excited about Spider-ladies so at least I can spice it up a bit :)