Friday, August 7, 2015

Masters of the Universe Classics - PEEKABLUE!

MOTUC Club Eternia - Peekablue - Exclusive - Mattel 2015

I feel like I might have made this proclamation before, but I swear when the first Princess of Power figure was included in MOTUC back in 2010 (and I realized the POP ladies had a chance to be revitalized in modern form), the absolute number one wish for me was Peekablue.  I have a (platonic!) love for animal-themed characters, green hair, and pacifists - so she was pretty much perfect for me.  I also thought her name was bizarre and awesome.  I suppose it's in reference to her "omnidirectional" vision and the color of her feathers?  Whatever the intent, she's that perfect mix of girly and bizarre that I loved so much about She-Ra and the Great Rebellion when I was a kid. As the second-to-last vintage Pop figure to be released, they really scared me.  Every annual Matty-meter doomsday scenario had been focused around Peekablue in my head "I need to sub for Peekablue"  "We can't not get her" etc etc.  Well she's finally in my greedy paws and I'm very satisfied indeed.  Let's check her out below!

While there is a lack of painted details on this character, the details that are there are really cool.  There is really nice use of pearlescent highlights all over this figure.  Plus this character was very plain in the animation, so the minimalistic paint makes sense.  I'm a fan.

Peekablue comes with a signature Princess of Power shield and a fan accessory.

Peekablue's feathered plumage is removable (and comes detached in the packaging).  
There is a large hole in her back where the feathers anchor.

Here are some images from the cartoon.

Her plumage folds inwards in two steps shown below.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with Mermista and Spinnerella.



  1. Beautiful images! I'm glad that you finally got your Peekablue! I really like her, too, but she definitely wasn't a character that I was heavily anticipating. She turned our to be just fantastic, though. She really is pretty incredible. I love how her plumage was handled. And that fan? It's such a cool accessory!

    1. The only character I have never been a fan of is Perfuma, so i'm curious to see if the final product will win me over. The fact that she's going to be scented definitely doesn't sweeten the deal (I have a visceral aversion to most artificial scents.. especially flowers and cinnamon). Peekablue was a winner from the start for me. There was pretty much zero chance I was going to dislike her.

  2. !00% agree with Barbecue. She's a great figure, looks great on the shelf. I only collect this cause they are so kitsch, so this is perfect for that reason.

    1. This is definitely a perfect line for a kitsch collector. My she-Ra shelf is actually the only part of my collection that really fits into the kitsch theme. Every other shelf has such grim and gritty elements that you're forced to take them seriously. She-Ra will never succumb to that nonsense!