Thursday, November 26, 2015

Total Heroes - WONDER WOMAN!

DC Comics - Total Heroes - Wonder Woman - Mattel 2015

Just like the late-stage release of the Brave and the Bold Wonder Woman in 2013 (rebranded as Justice League All-Stars) ushered in the end of that line, this Wonder Woman figure seems to be the swan song of the Total Heroes line.  She was shown at Toy Fair back in 2014, but then was seemingly forgotten.  I think she's unlikely to ever show up in stores, but luckily Amazon now stocks her at a fluctuating, but usually reasonable price (right now she's $11.99.. sometimes she jumps up to $39.99 though). This toy is really great and it's a shame that once again we are unlikely to see any other females in this line.  A Batgirl and Catwoman would have fit in so nicely.  But alas, this is the plight of the female super hero. It will be interesting to see how much female merchandise we see for the Dawn of Justice and Wonder Woman movies.  I may have to set limitations on myself to avoid a star-spangled explosion in my toy cave.  Let's check out this long-awaited Total Heroes Wonder Woman below!

Wonder Woman's articulation is pretty good.  Her neck doesn't have much of a range of motion, but her shoulders, elbows, and knees all have hinge and swivel joints.  If that waist cut is an actually swivel joint, then mine is fused shut. 

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the two other Modern Wonder Women from Mattel:  2013's Justice League All-Stars and 2013's DC Comics Unlimited.

and with the DC Collectibles New 52 Wonder Woman and the KidRobot Keychain.



  1. Kmart and Sears still seem to stock this line, so if I find her at retail I'll nab her. Always sad how the ladies are handled in these toy lines.

    1. I really doubt she will show up anywhere but Amazon and discount chains like Big Lots and Ross. Every time I make a statement like that though I am forced to eat my words. So if you find it you can thank my voodoo :)

  2. Thanks for the tip about this being on Amazon! I thought she was going to be exclusive to Target so I've been checking them out a few times a week lol

    1. Glad I could help! She's a great figure and it's a shame she's not seeing a wide distribution.