Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Lego Flashlight HARLEY QUINN Keychain!

DC Super Heroes LEGO Keychain LED Lite - Harley Quinn - Santoki LLC 2015

It's pretty cool how the digital age has affected the toy world. The fact that we can have a perfectly enlarged Lego minifigure is a very cool feat.  We see this pantogprahing technique used in very expensive ways with the jumbo Star Wars, He-Man, and GI Joes, but I think it's best used in fun novelty products like this Lego flashlight keychain. The first Lego keychain I bought was Catwoman who I stumbled across in a museum giftshop not knowing that she existed. This Harley however has been on my radar forever. I think I first caught wind of her over a year ago, but only first saw her last week in my local FYE record shop. I highly doubt they'll ever make a Poison Ivy flashlight, so I think my next (more realistic) wish is for a Harley Quinn or Catwoman Lego clock.  That would make for such an interesting scale display.  (I'm surprised someone hasn't posted any pictures of the Lego Wonder Woman clock/flashlight/minifigure comparison). Let's check out the Lego Harley Flashlight in detail below!

Time for some Group and Comparison pics!

Here she is next to her standard size Lego minifigure.

And here she is with the Catwoman Keychain from a few years ago.

And with the whole group.



  1. She's pretty awesome! I only wish that you could leave her 'on' and didn't have to hold the button down to keep her lit up.

    1. Yeah an on/off switch would be nice. I don't plan on actually using her as a keychain so I didn't even think about it.

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