Saturday, January 2, 2016

Marvel Mini-Mates - SPIDER-GWEN!

Marvel Mini-Mates - TRU Series 21 (Secret Wars) - Toys R Us Exc - DST 2015

Spider-Gwen is my favorite new character design of the past few years. I remember being on vacation in the Summer of 2014 and seeing her in an advertisement for the Edge of Spider-Verse series without any indication of who she was.  I wouldn't discover her name for another month, and by that time the whole world had taken notice. A year later I sold her first appearance (variant cover) for almost $400 on eBay. Her Marvel Legends figure was unveiled only 8 months after her first appearance. Toy nerds will know that's an almost unheard-of turnaround time. This mini-mate figure though is the first toy on the market. I have been insanely hunting her for about a month now (I'm still scarred over missing out on the Angel & Warpath TRU 2-Pack years ago).  I finally found her on New Year's Eve to my great relief. We have a bunch of great Spider-Lady Mini-mates already, so Gwen is a fantastic addition to the crew. (Now we need a Silk pronto!)  Let's check out Spider-Gwen below!

Here are the contents of the entire pack: Iron Spider comes with a main body, an alternate Peter Parker head, three spider legs, and a figure stand.  Spider-Gwen comes with her main body (including a removable hood), an alternate Gwen Stacy head, a purple skirt piece, a green overcoat piece, two green arms, a figure stand, a flight stand, and a coil of webbing.

Here she is suited up like civilian Gwen Stacy.

Here are both versions of Gwen side-by-side.  Note that this display required the purchase of two sets since there is only one torso and set of legs.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with her pack-mate, Iron Spider.

Here she is in her Gwen Stacy gear with the 2004 Gwen Stacy.

And finally here she is with the whole gang of Mini-mate Spider-Ladies.  From Left to Right: Jessica Drew Spider-Woman, She-Venom, Ultimate Spider-Woman, Spider-Gwen, Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman (Version II), May Parker Spider-Girl, and Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman (Version I).



  1. i loves me some Spider-Gwen. Hell, I did know you were such a MiniMates nut- love those. Ever Be@rbrick it ...?

    1. Minimates are quite an obsession of mine. Speaking of which.. this wednesday comic shops should be getting Captain Marvel, Lady Thor, Disco Dazzler, Siryn, and Domino/Copycat minimates. It's pretty much the greatest minimate day ever.

      I only have the DKR Catwoman Bearbrick currently, but I'm often tempted to get all the Marvel ladies. You recently reviewed two I've been a fan of (and almost bid on a few times), the Kappa and the Russian Nesting Doll. I think they're spectacularly weird and cool.