Sunday, January 3, 2016

The New Batman Adventures - Bendie CATWOMAN!

The New Batman Adventures - Bad Girls Boxset - Catwoman - NJCroce 2015

I'm becoming a huge fan of these NJ Croce Bendie figures recently. The character selection is fantastic, the prices are reasonable, and the sculpts are spot-on. The only problem is that they aren't actually action figures. I've never owned any bendie figures until a few years ago so I don't know what to expect from this medium. My paranoid imagination foresees them crackling, melting, discoloring, or becoming sticky for no discernible reason. But those random anxieties have proven to be baseless. I now have 8 bendies displayed with little Kaiser doll stands and they all seem perfectly fine mingling with the action figures on my Ikea bookshelves. I'm excited to see what future characters they'll show at Toy Fair. I'm thinking that they'll probably delve into the Arkham video games series next, but secretly my biggest wish is for a companion "Good Girls" box with Batwoman, Huntress, Batgirl, etc. (The Mystery of the Batwoman design is sorely absent from all merchandising).  Let's check out the Catwoman below!

Catwoman also comes on a single card.  But it appears the Roxy Rocket and Livewire are only available in this Boxset.

I'm not going to show pictures of Catwoman in all kinds of crazy bendie poses.  I like to keep these figures looking fresh so I just pose them once in a boring "at attention" stance and leave them be.  I should note that the interior wire armature ends short on all the limbs.. halfway down her forearms and halfway down her shins she becomes a limp noodle.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the Gotham City Sirens all together. Harley and Poison Ivy.

And here she is with my first NJ Croce bendie, the Julie Newmar Catwoman.

And with Batgirl added for the complete Gotham Girls group.

And here is the roster for the Bad Girls Box set.  Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Livewire, and Roxy Rocket.



  1. Amazing that these Batman animated bendies exist at all, let alone that they are being released NOW! And a whole Bad Girls set too?!?! GREAT stuff.

    1. I know it's pretty amazing. I can't wait to see what they show at Toy Fair. I know they have some Batman v Superman bendies on the horizon, but I would love some more animated batman stuff too.

  2. I literally just found this myself last week at FYE! I haven't opened it yet though and she looks amazing! They all do! This was the best set for me to get them all in one place, as well as characters like Livewire and Roxy that you'd think we wouldn't get.

    I have that same fear about bendies and it saddens me whenever I look at these because I love them so much but hope they don't get all weird. The worse is when they get sticky and ruin everything and all the dust sticks to them. Hopefully bendies made now won't have those problems.

    Also I have to ask where did you get that miniature Catwoman?! Omg I love it and didn't even know it existed. And those doll stands are so perfect for these bendies! I really have to get myself some of those.

    1. It's such a great set. I think the newer bendies are much higher quality than old ones. My Julie Newmar Catwoman has been displayed on my shelves for 1.5 years with no issues at all.

      That miniature Catwoman is a bit of a mystery. I got a lot of 8 or so characters (including Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Batgirl) from Europe years ago. The same molds have been used for a variety of Candy premiums like Nestle and Whitman candies. They were also used as Capsule Gashapon toys from Tomy. They don't show up on ebay often, but when they do they are usually cheap.

      Here are some images. Good luck hunting!