Friday, March 18, 2016


WWE Basic Series #51 - Superstar #40 - Stephanie McMahon - Mattel 2015

I have a crazy backlog of WWE figures to review. A few years ago I feel like the females were so scarce that I would excitedly get the reviews up as soon as I could. But lately there's been such an abundance of Divas that I pick and choose which ones to buy, and I lose track of the ones I have. Suddenly I have five of these powerful ladies queued up - and I was pretty much posting one a month up through January. This Stephanie McMahon figure was the second version of her released in a very short time. The other version was in her wrestling attire, while this figure features her management look. Steph is the daughter of Vince McMahon, the Chairman and CEO of WWE and she herself is the current CBO. Her husband is the famed wrestler and WWE executive Triple H as well. She's been behind the scenes, in the ring, and in the boardroom for years. So, yeah, if anyone deserves multiple figures showcasing her changing roles in the industry, it's Steph. Let's check out this long-overdue review below!

These pictures aren't nearly as clear as I would like them to be. Sorry about that.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the Elite Series Steph
I think it's pretty rare for two unique sculpts of the same character to both turn out so good.

And with another suited lady, Lana. Mattel's WWE line has some of the best plainclothed women in my opinion.


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