Sunday, March 13, 2016

Galactic Heroes - REY & CAPTAIN PHASMA!

Star Wars Galactic Heroes - Rey & Captain Phasma - Hasbro / Playskool 2016

Sometimes these preschool brands take a long time to jump on the gender equality bandwagon. This current style of preschool Star Wars figures has been around for 5 years (despite a name change), and this two pack represents the first females in the line in all that time. Of course, when it rains it pours and we just saw a Hera Syndulla figure shown at Toy Fair.  Plus I'm willing to bet we'll see a Maz, ME-8D9, Wren, and a Leia in the future. Playskool has been doing its best to confuse collectors with their Star Wars lines over the past 14 years. There have been two unique iterations each of "Galactic Heroes" and "Jedi Force." And just last year they upped the ante by rebranding a line (with a recycled name) four years into its run. I'm going to go into detail later on in this post because there is a lot of confusion. Rest assured though, this Rey and Phasma 2-pack are the first Star Wars females in this style (but hopefully not the last!) Let's check out Rey (Jakku) and Captain Phasma in detail below!

I was a little surprised that her staff was attached to her hand. 
I guess that makes sense considering they are marketed for preschoolers though.

I really like the graphic of Rey on the packaging.

When you first take Phasma out of the packaging, her cape is kind of folded up and swept to the side under her arm. 
 I would suggest keeping it this way. I unfolded it and now I have this large billowy cape that I can't seem to make look right. 
The packaging guys had it right.

Time for some Group and Comparison Shots!

Here is a brief timeline of Playskool Star Wars:

2002 - Star Wars Jr - Small hard-rubber minimally articulated 2" figures.
2004-2011 - Galactic Heroes - Rebranded Star Wars Jr 2" figures.
2004-2005 - Jedi Force - Large 5" hard-plastic chunky figures.
2011-2015 - Jedi Force - New Imaginext-style, hard plastic, 4 POA, 2.75" figures.
2015-2016 - Galactic Heroes - Rebranded 2011 2.75" Jedi Force.

So here is the "Galactic Heroes" (née Jedi Force) Rey, with two of the original 2004 Galactic Heroes.
I wish they would have stuck with the name Jedi Force to keep things simple.

From Left to Right: Transformers Rescue Bots Dani Burns, Marvel Adventures Black Widow, Rey, Imaginext Wendy Waters, and Miles from Tomorrowland Loretta.



  1. It's fabulous to see some ladies added to the Jedi Force (ok, ok, Galactic Heroes) line. I'm a big fan. Thanks for the great pics! Where did you pick up this 2-pack? TRU?

    1. Actually no, I haven't' seen anything new at TRU in ages. Apparently she's been found at K-Mart, but I found her at my local comic shop. Almost all comic shops get their product through a company called Diamond. You can find shops in your area on this website (run by diamond) and call to see if they got any in:: ( Good luck hunting!

    2. Thanks for the tip (I've used the comicshoplocator site when entering a new city). My local comic book shops don't carry this type of product, so I guess I'm left to try Target, TRU, K-Mart, Wal-Mart, etc. Which usually means I'll have to resort to inflated prices on eBay. Blergh.