Saturday, April 30, 2016

Minecraft - ARMOR UP ALEX!

Minecraft - 5" Figures - Armor Up Alex - Mojang/Mattel 2016

I'm at my parents' house this weekend and I'm surrounded by all seven of my rambunctious nieces and nephews. One trend alert that's been impossible to ignore has been Minecraft. From ages 3 to 13 they are all obsessed with it. Whether playing the game on their tablets, warring with action figure armies, or building the Lego sets, it's been the theme of the day. It reminded be that I had randomly picked up this figure months ago and photographed it. I've never played Minecraft and don't know anything about it, but I recognize its popularity and I love action figures with removable armor or translucent details. This figure combines those two with a full set of translucent purple armor - so I couldn't resist. Plus it represents two different companies takes on the same figure.  I don't know if Jazwares lost their license or not, but these larger scale figures are made by Mattel (the small ones still lining the toy aisles are all Jazwares). Let's check out Armor Up Alex in detail below!

I think the pixelated details on these figures is very cool. 
They take a very simple design and makes it pretty interesting in 3-Dimensions.

This figure has an interesting feature where her limbs can be popped out a tiny bit to allow posing (and to allow for her armor to fit on). Here she is with her neck and shoulders popped out.

Alex comes with a whole set of translucent purple snap-on armor. Included are a helmet, shoulderpads, boots, a sword, and a two-piece torso armor.

This is the only online graphic I can ever find of Alex. It kind of hilariously fails the Bechdel test.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the 3.75" Jazwares figure. 
The multi-shaded greens and browns would have been a nice touch on this new figure.


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