Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Halo - LINDA-058!

Halo - Alpha Crawler Build-a-Figure Series - Linda-058 - Mattel 2016

There's something I find irresistible about an established company starting up a brand new property with unique body styles and accessories. When we think of Mattel products, it's easy to imagine what one of their DC figures might look like. Same with WWE, Barbie, and MOTUC. It's been that way for years. So when Mattel got the Halo license from McFarlane Toys, I was intrigued to see what their new action figures might look like. The result is a totally unique body style composed of a rigid plastic unlike anything else in the Mattel portfolio. They are made in a noticeably larger scale than their McFarlane predecessors and they further differentiate themselves by having removable armor - not just a piece or two, but almost everything except for the helmet. I'm really curious to see what future characters they include in the lineup. This Linda-058 was a surprise to me when I found her at TRU a few weeks ago. I'm looking forward to more surprises too. Let's check out Linda-058 below!

Above is a shot of Linda-058 all geared up. But for the beginning of this review I wanted to show off her unarmored buck.

Linda has a ton of articulation. Some notable features are the double-jointed elbows and knees and the ribcage cut.

She comes with a ton of armor and two guns.

Although the articulation is great, I found that the rigid plastic made some of the joints loose. The rubbery plastic from Mattel's DC and WWE lines have a lot of natural friction in their moving parts that keep the poses in place. Linda's poses tend to slip a little.

Mattel is offering their typical incentive of a Build-a-Figure character in each wave. 
Linda-058 comes with the head of an Alpha Crawler.

Time for s Comparison Pic!

Here she is with Spartan Hermes and Commander Palmer.



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  2. Thanks for the great review. In my opinion, I think it's refreshing that Mattel has gotten the Halo license. My only complaint is that some of the figures need better paint applications. Perhaps they will make their own version of Kelly. Then after that Vale, and Tanaka. Female Spartans FTW!