Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Collection of Small HARLEY QUINN Figurines!

An Assortment of Harley PVCs - Schleich, Walgreens, & Deluxe Mini Figz - 2015-16

Oh Harley what am I going to do with you? You are popping up absolutely everywhere I look and I can barely keep up. I've been stockpiling little Harley Quinn figurines for years and lately I've decided to start combining some smaller reviews together. They are usually so small and inexpensive that they are hard to resist buying. But at the same time they often seem too insignificant to warrant a full post individually. Of course I always realize this after I excitedly photograph them as if they were the greatest find ever. So forgive the choppy nature of these photo sets, I truly intended them to be separate. Today's group will include the 2015 Schleich SDCC exclusive figurine (recently repackaged singly at Target), the 2015 Walgreen's figurine, and the recent Deluxe Mini-Figz blind bag figure. None of these items are particularly wonderful collectibles, but they are all fun little items that are near impossible to avoid picking up when you find them in a store. Let's check them out below!

Justice League: Batman vs Harley Quinn Scenery Pack
SDCC Toys R Us Exclusive
Schleich 2015

Here she is with her Pack-mate Batman.

From Left to Right: Monogram Figurine, Lil' Mates, NJ Croce Bendie, Kubrick, Schliech, Lego, Eaglemoss, Mini-Mates, Hallmark Ornament.

Batman Collectible Figurines Box Set
Walgreens Exclusive 2015

I've also seen her packaged individually recently.

Here is Harley with the Walgreens Catwoman from 2013.

From Left to Right: Mini-Mates, Kotobukiya Figurine, Eaglemoss, Walgreens, Monogram, Kubrick, and Lego.

Justice League Deluxe Mini Figz
Series 02

Time for a Group Pic!



  1. I wish Scribblenauts had gotten around to the wave that would have contained Harley.

    1. And Poison Ivy! I was really sad when that wave got cancelled.