Saturday, September 24, 2016

Arkham Knight - HARLEY QUINN (Version 2)!

Arkham Knight Series Five #14 - Harley Quinn (Classic) - DC Collectibles 2016

I have a lot of Harley Quinn action figures. I'm emarassed to actually count them, but I pretty much have them all (except that weird one of her in pajamas). So, please take my first hand experience into consideration when I tell you that this new Arkham Knight Harley is the absolute best Harley I've ever seen. The sculpt by Joe Menna is perfection. Her face is gorgeous - she looks sweet with a touch of menace. Her body proportions are idealized without being gratuitous. And her costume has realistic wrinkles and details which bring it all to life. Then DC Collectibles knocked it out the park with amazing articulation and perfect paint. I can't get enough of of this figure. The solicitation pictures look slightly different than the final product. Even the pictures from Toy Fair look different. I can't tell if her face was resculpted or the production version just has a superior paint job, but the end result is great. It's so rare when the final product surpasses the quality of the prototypes. Let's check out Harley below!

I don't know much about Joe Menna. I believe the only other piece of his I own is the New 52 Catwoman Bust. He also sculpted the Arkham City Solomon Grundy figure and the Guardian bust from the Green Lantern movie. I can't wait to see more of his work.

Harley comes with extra hands and a bat.

Time for a Group Pic!

Here she is with the Arkham Origins Dr. Quinzel and the Arkham Knight Harley Quinn (Version 1).


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