Thursday, September 22, 2016


POP! Heroes #136 - DC Comics Super Heroes - Batgirl (Burnside) - Funko 2016

This Batgirl resculpt is long overdue. As the third Funko Pop ever, Batgirl's original mold has been released in eight repaints over the years (4 in the past 11 months), but having only one sculpt for such a popular character is odd. Harley Quinn has nine unique sculpts, Batman has thirteen, Wonder Woman has four (and those counts aren't even including the Domos, Conans, Teen Titans, and Freddie Funkos). Anyway, I've been hoping for a new one for years and a few months ago this amazing Burnside sculpt was unveiled. I think she's gorgeous. And as a crazy unexpected bonus, there is a third new sculpt of "classic Batgirl" being released as a NYCC exclusive. I keep saying that I need to scale back on my Pop purchases (27 new additions to my collection in the past couple months... sheesh), but Funko is making it nearly impossible for me to do that. I guess as long as they keep making my core favorite characters, I'll be a loyal customer. Let's check out Burnside Batgirl below!

Time for a Group Pic!

Here she is next to the original 2010 Batgirl and the 2010 SDCC variant.


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  1. Funko is definitely making it hard to scale back! I'm running out of room for Pop!s. But, anyway, I'm looking forward to getting Batgirl here in my latest BBTS order.