Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Marvel Legends - NICO MINORU!

Marvel Legends - Dormammu Series - Mystic Rivals - Nico Minoru - Hasbro 2016

In 2003 Marvel Comics created an experimental imprint called Tsunami. I think the original plan was to establish a line of titles to appeal to manga fans, but it ended up being quite a diverse collection of properties. My favorite Tsunami series were Mystique, New Mutants, Namor, Emma Frost, and of course the fan-favorite Runaways. Runaways was written and created by the amazing Brian K. Vaughn (Saga, Y: The Last Man, Pride of Baghdad, Mystique, etc.) The series focuses on a group of six exceptional kids who discover their parents are all super-villains and... well.. run away. It's a fantastic comic which was just recently announced as an upcoming Hulu Original Series. Of the main characters in the book, Nico Minoru (aka Sister Grimm) has had the most staying power. She has appeared in several Avengers titles, the Mystic Arcana storyline, and most recently A-Force. She is an unexpected but welcome addition to the Doctor Strange Legends assortment. Let's check out Nico below!

Nico comes with the Staff of One and a "powered-up" arm.

Nico's parents are dark wizards and she inherited their abilities. Whenever she bleeds, the Staff of One emerges from her chest and enables her to cast spells. The catch is she can't use the same spell twice.

One thing I regretted about 2015's Book of Vishanti SDCC set was how I had to sell Dormammu. I didn't need the character (and still don't), but I loved loved loved the pink translucent plastics used on that figure. I'm super stoked that I now have a figure that utilizes these power effects.

Nico comes with the pelvis and waistcoat of this new Dormammu build-a-figure.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Nico with her Mystic Rivals slot-mate, Enchantress.

And here she is with another mystical youth, Magik.



  1. I'm just giving up on Marvel Legends tbh. The last wave i was able to get was the wave with White Tiger. And with how they've released two new waves in the past month? It's becoming harder and harder to get them and it kinda sucks :/

    1. That's such a shame. I think the figures have been consistently great lately and I'm excited to see what else is down the line. Can I ask where you're located? I ask because I'm seeing all these waves everywhere. TRU, Target, Walmart, Walgreens... even my grocery store carries them. It's disappointing that the distribution isn't consistent in your area though.

    2. I'd rather not say where i'm located, if that's ok! The reason i said they're harder to get now isn't because of stock (my Toys R Us has some great stock, actually), but because with the amount they're releasing, it's hard to be able to buy them all. It's not a stock thing, it's a cost thing. I agree that they've been really great recently, though! I'm also happy to see the female figures (the only Marvel Legends figures i actually buy) aren't super rare anymore.

    3. Ohh I totally get the cost thing. I desperately need to scale back myself. I think WWE and the majority of my Funko purchases are going to get the axe soon. Marvel Legends and DC Collectibles are the core style of my personal collection though so I think I'll always find a way to budget for them.

    4. I'm a huge doll collector, and with the amount of new doll lines i've started collecting, that's another reason for me not being able to collect Marvel Legends that much. Funko will always be a major thing for me to collect, and i'll always be able to budget for them-although, they really need to calm down with all the new lines.