Saturday, January 28, 2017

January 2017 Collection of MARVEL MINI-MATES!

Marvel Mini-Mates Series Series 69 and Blind Bag Series 01 - DST 2017

This has been an amazing month for Minimates. It's uncanny how they come in such surges (at least the interesting female characters). We can go through an eleven month dry spell only to have six new figures come out within a week of each other. It can be pretty overwhelming. I'm combining the Marvel Series 69 releases with the first series of Marvel Blind Bag figures for this review. The Mini-Mates Series 69 is dubbed "Most Wanted" and is definitely impressive for including both an Enchantress and Tigra. (Indeed two of my most wanted figures). The Series 01 Marvel Bling-Bags offered us amazing figures of Silk and X-23 Wolverine, a cool unhooded variant of Spider-Gwen, and an unexpected Deadpool 2099. I'm really excited to see what other figures they squeeze into future blind bag assortments. I'm hoping we'll see a Gwenpool, Moongirl, and Riri Ironheart at the very least. Toy Fair always has a few fun reveals and I'm certainly looking forward to it. Let's check out all the ladies below!

I couldn't resist posing her with her DC counterpart, Cheetah.

Spider-Gwen also came with a masked head that made her identical to the TRU exclusive figure from last year.

Time for some Group Pics!



  1. Deadpool 2099? Fascinating! I love her design!

    1. Yeah she is great. In the current Deadpool comics, every sixth issue is completely dedicated to her. I believe there have been 4 Deadpool 2099 stories so far. I'm hoping that when the next Deadpool movie comes around we will get cool figures of Deadpool 2099 and Gwenpool mixed in to the merchandise.

    2. I relly like Gwenpool's comic and the cute art. I can't wait to pick up the funkos.