Friday, January 27, 2017

Batman: the Animated Series FUNKO POP!

POP! Heroes BTAS #154 Batgirl, #156 Harley Quinn, #157 Poison Ivy - Funko 2017

It's interesting how a simple design motif can provide such a diverse group of variations on a single character. I have a ton of POP Harley Quinns, a bunch of Batgirls, (and one lonely Poison Ivy). And I can easily say that this new Batman: The Animated Series line has given us the best version of each of these characters so far. Actually, considering that Harley originated on the show, this POP could also be considered her first appearance figure. The Batgirl and Poison Ivy are so clean and bright that they really stand out in my collection. When I started prepping this post early last week, the BTAS Wave 2 lineup had not been officially announced yet and I was full of complaints about the lack of Catwoman. But the London Toy Fair showed us the design for her awesome figure and I am stoked. Now I just hope they can squeeze in a Mystery of the Batwoman at some point! These POPs are nothing short of spectacular. Let's check out Batgirl, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy in detail below!

*** If any of my readers are going to NYTF next month and can do me a favor, please shoot me an email. This is the first year since running this blog that I am unable to attend (and I'm sad about it!) ***

Here she is with the recent NYCC Classic Batgirl and Burnside Batgirl.

And here she is with two recent comic-style Harleys, Roller Harley and New 52 Suicide Squad Harley.

Something really interesting to note about this line is that it appears the figures are composed of different pieces of colored plastic. Meaning that her hair is separate from her face, and her legs are separate from her hips. This leads to the clean paint lines and bright colors.  I'm a fan. If this keeps up I will be much more comfortable buying POPs online. Currently I'm way too picky about paint to not pick my own by hand. The Batgirl figure seems to be constructed in the traditional solid fashion and she is the only one of the group I saw with QC problems (the edging of her mask - especially by the cheek where peach, blue, and black paint meets - is often really sloppy).

And here she is alongside the Arkham Asylum Poison Ivy.

And let's not forget that sometime in 2017 we can expect to see this awesome Catwoman in wave 02!

Time for a Group Pic!



  1. Phantasm comes out in wave 2 as well!

    1. I saw that as well, but I honestly always forget that Phantasm is a girl under that costume. The old Kenner toy was so great the way it changed so believable between male and female. I was a little bummed the DCC BTAS Phantasm didn't do the same.

  2. All of the BTAS pops are my new favorites (I had to get them all as soon as I saw them). Probably because the cartoon is my favorite of all time. The Poison Ivy pop is one of the best Funko's produced! Simple yet really well made

    1. I totally agree about the Poison Ivy Pop. She really stands out in a great way. I think a lot of it has to do with her multi-part construction and bright plastics.