Thursday, January 12, 2017

Warcraft Movie 6" Figures - GARONA!

Warcraft (The Movie) - 6" Action Figures: Wave 02 - Garona - Jakks Pacific 2016

I feel really bad when a toy company puts a lot of effort into a movie-based toyline only to have the whole thing flop. It makes it worse when it's not a top-tier company with lots of overhead (like Mattel and Hasbro) either. I didn't hear anything about the Warcraft movie. Nothing good, nothing bad, nothing. That's never a good sign. The toy line from Jakks Pacific didn't fare too well either. I swear my TRUs and Targets didn't sell any of these toys. They are now stuck on clearance endcaps gathering dust. Somehow I doubt this second wave of 6" figures will ever see the light of day in stores, but I was luckily able to snag her pretty cheap on Amazon before Christmas.  It's a shame because too few companies are producing figures in this scale and I always want to see more. This line reminds me a lot of 2012's Hobbit series from Bridge Direct. It also wasn't a perfect toyline (nor successful), but both also showed a lot of potential. Hopefully Jakks gets another cool license soon so they can keep the momentum going.

Her face paint is a little less exciting than the proto on the back of the packaging, but I think it could be touched up a little to look just like it. I'll add pics in the future if I do it.

She has 14 points of articulation. The two unfortunate things are that she has no head or neck articulation and her shoulders are not ball joints (despite looking like they are). Other than that, she actually has a lot of poseability.

Garona comes with several pieces of armor (shin and forearm guards) and two swords.

Funko made quite a selection of Garona figures this year as well.

And here is a solicit image of the DC Unlimited Garona from 2011.

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the 2.5" version.



  1. Word is that she was underused IIRC. Oh dear.

    1. I'm actually adding the movie to my netflix queue (I still have a separate dvd sub just for situations like this). I don't expect it to be great, but I love a good fantasy flick. Since I've posted this I've seen the Dorbz and POPs in clearance bins as well. It's a shame.

    2. Okay then. Hope it goes over well with you.

  2. I have seen the movie and thought it was pretty good, the cgi parts better than the human acting parts. I dont know anything about the game so I can't compare it.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. Did not know this figure existed. The Warcraft figures may fit in well with the Mythic Legions from the Four Horsemen. May have to try that out.