Friday, January 13, 2017

Miraculous Ladybug - WAVE TWO VILLAINS!

Miraculous Ladybug: Wave 02 - Antibug, Chloe, and Stormy Weather - Bandai 2017

I'm so glad that the Miraculous Ladybug line is continuing. I saw major potential in the cool roster of characters, but I was afraid that the first wave of the two main characters (Ladybug and Cat Noir) and their civilian identities (Marinette and Adrien) might be the beginning and end of the line. But then I was in Target last week and literally did a double take when I noticed these new figures hanging next to the DC Superhero Girls. I guess my expectations for a second series were pretty low because I've since discovered that information about these toys has been on the internet for a while. I realize that I haven't googled the line since the first wave came out in July.  And that is very unlike me. But I won't make that mistake again. I'm already hyped about the third wave (two characters verified already!) The action figure revolution is happening, and it's in the pink aisles! Next I want to see Monster High and SpacePop in this format. (Not to mention DC Superhero Girls Wave 02). Let's check out the villains below!

First up is Marinette's main rival...


Chloe also has adopted the alter-ego of Queen Bee. This would make an awesome action figure.

But here is Chloe's most popular costumed identity...


And finally

Stormy Weather

So what could be even more exciting than these three new figures?  The next two of course!
Here is a solicit image of Lady Wi-Fi and a teaser image of Volpina.

And here are my nominations for the next two figures: Refleckta & Timebreaker

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the three ladies of Wave 02 together.

And here are the frenemies in civilian clothes, Marinette and Chloe.

And all suited up Antibug and Ladybug.

Here is a last minute cell phone pic showing two of these figures with Mattel's DC Superhero Girls Supergirl.



  1. How do they scale in comparison to the DC Girls line?

    1. They are slightly smaller, but actually fit in decently. They look like younger characters in comparison. I just added a picture. It's a bit crappy and the angle is too high, but pay attention to their shoulder heights and you can see the difference better. Thanks for the question!

  2. that's not too bad actually. I think that will fit with my needs for some civilians in my dio. Thanks for the reply! Always love your site.

    1. That's a great idea. There's also a civilian Adrian figure that I never picked up. And if the pattern continues, the upcoming Lady WiFi figure might have an alternate civilian Alya. She would be cool because she's so nerdy looking.

  3. I just looked Alya up. That'd be a great addition

  4. Chloe is basically a female Flash Thompson