Sunday, March 6, 2016

Warcraft Mini figures - GARONA!

Warcraft (Movie) - Mini Figure 2-Pack: Lothar & Garona - Jakks Pacific 2016

Warcraft is a property that I know next to nothing about. My gamer friends have been obsessed for decades, but the whole thing always just seemed too overwhelming for me. One aspect that has grabbed my attention however is the cool character design and toys. Many toy companies have made Warcraft figures over the years including SOTA, Blizzard, and Toycom. But DC Direct's sub-company DC Unlimited really knocked it out of the park with 9 waves of action figures between 2009-2012.. including nine very cool looking females characters. I never bought any other these due to the size, cost, and staction-like poses, but I was always impressed by the diversity of fantasy archetypes and cool designs. I'm also a sucker for differently-hued skintones and the Warcraft ladies come in all sorts: purple, blue, green, red... you name it. Jakks Pacific has the license for the upcoming Warcraft movie and I was super excited to see this unexpected 2.5" line featuring Garona, the Green-skinned orc/human.

The Jakks Pacific lineup of products for this movie is great. It reminds me of the nineties when seemingly every movie had a line of toys. There is an accompanying line of 6" action figures on the shelves right now. Unfortunately Garona is not represented in that larger scale, but I did see several Funko products of her at Toy Fair including a POP, Dorbz and Mystery Minis.

Garona Halforcen is a half-orc, half-human, who apparently plays a big role in the film. 
She had a full-sized action figure made by DC Unlimited in 2011.

Garona comes with a sword and a figure stand (although she can totally stand fine on her own).

She only features three points of articulation: waist and shoulders.

Here are a bunch of pictures and stills from the movie. 
I'm not sure if these characters are all Garona or not, but I'm fairly certain they are.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with her pack-mate Lothar

From Left to Right: Elephant Gun Arkham Knight Harley Quinn, Mighty Minis Wonder Woman, Miniverse Gamora, Warcraft Garona, Miniverse Scarlet Witch, and Miniverse Black Widow.


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