Wednesday, January 25, 2017

WWE Wrestling - BECKY LYNCH!

WWE Series 62 - WWE Divas First Time in the Line - Becky Lynch - Mattel 2016

I've been saying for years that I'm going to stop buying WWE ladies (I don't know anything about sports and I'm seriously low on shelf space after all), only to cave in again and again when I see a gorgeous figure hanging on the pegs with that tantalizingly low $9.99 price tag. This Becky Lynch figure was my latest temptation. I picked her up back in December because I was impressed with her rusty color palette and her steampunk stylings. She's actually very different looking from all my other WWE figures... and that's apparently all the incentive a weak-willed collector like me needs. In reading Becky's bio, I learned that she suffered a bad head injury while wrestling in Germany back in 2006 and took quite a long hiatus from the sport. She didn't wrestle again until 2013 when she signed up with WWE's developmental property, NXT.. She's been very successful since her re-entry into the sport and recently held the 2016 WWE Smackdown Women's Championship title for three months. Let's check out Becky below!

Becky's Steampunk goggles are removable.

Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. giving the female WWE figures eyeshadow/eyeliner by way of painting it on has done wonders for the overall look for me. I've done that with the figures for her Becky, Nikki Bella, and Eva Marie and it made them look 10X more feminine and closer to how they look on the card back. I've read in other posts that you've customized other figures so I'm sure you know exactly what I mean

    1. Yeah I can imagine a little eye paint going a long way on these figures. I actually don't have my WWE ladies displayed though so I'm not as tempted to make them look perfect. Plus, if they look horrible in the store, I usually just don't get them. But if there's a character I'm obsessed with, like Catwoman, I'll buy her no matter what and try to fix her imperfections.

  2. Makes sense to me. Focus time and attention to the obsessed characters.