Sunday, March 5, 2017


Power Rangers 6" Legacy Movie Figures - Pink & Yellow Ranger - Bandai 2017

It's great how the Power Rangers are back in such a big way this year. I can't think of a time when they didn't have a presence in the toy aisles, but right now it's kind of insane. This of course is due to all the movie merchandise. The Power Rangers film hits theatres here in the US in three short weeks and it looks to be a pretty fun interpretation of the classic MMPR. I don't know if I'll get a chance to see it before home release, but I'm going to try. I expected these 6" Legacy figures to see a wide release, so I was really surprised to see them at TRU with an "Only at Toys R Us" sticker on them. Honestly though, that exclusivity is what made me pick them up. I had made up my mind to not be a completist with the movie lines, but apparently a little sticker and a pretty figure is enough to weaken my resolve. (I've been doing this on a weekly basis lately). But I must admit I love having these figures lined up in all their available scales (still need the 2" ones though!) Let's check out the Legacy figure below!

Yellow comes with the Right Arm of the Megazord.

Pink Ranger comes with the Wings of the Megazord.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are Pink and Yellow side by side.

Here is the 5" Regular Figure, the 6" Legacy Figure, and the 7" Morphin Power Figure.

And with the 12" figure added...

And finally, here she is with the MMPR Legacy Pink.



  1. i managed to get two pink rangers, but the one i took out of the box is a bit loose.

    did either of yours give you this kind of problem ? i know it's typical for a legacy figure but jesus, it takes a while for me to have her stand lol i still like it though.

    1. I don't find them to be too terribly loose, but they could definitely be tighter. I think the problem is the plastic they are using. Most figures this scale are made of a dense rubbery plastic that creates a natural friction in the joints. These are made of a hard shiny rigid plastic that can end up being very loose (and I imagine will get more and more loose with movement). My movie rangers were decent, but some of my other Legacy Rangers have been really tricky to stand up.