Wednesday, April 26, 2017


DC Multiverse - WW Movie (Ares Series) - Cloaked Wonder Woman - Mattel 2017

Here is my final review of the basic Wonder Woman 6" line. I'm looking forward to reviewing the awesome 12" figure (I saw it at Barnes & Noble today, but couldn't bring myself to pay $3 above MSRP for it haha). And I'm super excited about the Menalippe and "standard" Wonder Woman 6" figures that should be popping up as exclusives soon. If you haven't seen the exclusive Wonder Woman figure yet, check out the Hong Kong TRU site. It's a scaled-down version of the 12" figure with a shield accessory for Ares. I think she'll be my favorite of the series when I finally get her. This cloaked Wonder Woman is a very nice figure, but definitely my least favorite of the group so far. I feel like this should have been the exclusive like the Nightclub Harley last year with the standard version seeing a wide release. But who knows what additional Diana figures we'll see with the Justice League film this Fall. We could be gearing up for a full-on Amazonian overload. Let's check out the cloaked Wonder Woman below!

From certain angles her face looks a little misshapen.

This version of Wonder Woman comes with a sword (different from the Diana sword).

She also comes with the Right Leg and Left Arm of Ares.

The torso portion of her cloak is removable, but the hood and sleeves are sculpted on.

The torso and legs are identical to the BvS Wonder Woman from last year, but her chest harness is a mirror image of the previous version.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the other ladies from this first wave, Diana of Themyscira and Hippolyta.

And here she is with a (slightly retouched) BvS Wonder Woman from last year.

And finally here's the whole wave with Ares and Steve Trevor.



  1. I reviewed this figure for today, too! She's not bad. Mattel has really improved on their headsculpts for the movie and TV lines with this series. They just need to work on the articulation, as it honestly feels worse with figures like Steve Trevor and Diana.

    And I absolutely agree with you in that it seems so strange to make the standard version of Wonder Woman the TRU exclusive. How odd!

    1. Funny we posted on the same day. Great minds think alike! I saw that the exclusive WW is posted on the US TRU site. I can't wait for her to be available.

  2. I really like that this figure has a different look for Diana - but I totally agree that it would have made more sense for this figure to be the exclusive and the standard figure the version released to all stores. That upcoming cloak-less version looks so good. I can't wait for it! At least the TRUTH exclusives are usually the easiest to obtain among store exclusives for me.

    1. Yeah TRU exclusives are pretty easy to come by. Plus they're listed on the website already (although not in stock yet) and the Menalippe figure is also up for preorder on Amazon.