Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Justice League Action Mini WONDER WOMAN!

Justice League Action - Mighty Minis 3-Pack #3 - Wonder Woman - Mattel 2017

DC Mystery Minis have a lot of potential. They're inexpensive, the character selection is great, and they have great playability (with all the mix-and-match body parts and all). My only problems are that the female figures could really use some semblance of a neck in their design, and more importantly, there should be more females in general. Between the BvS, Batman Unlimited, and these Justice League Action lines there have been around 45 unique character variations so far (including 12 Batmen), but only 4 of those have been women (and three of those have been Wonder Woman). There should really be a Batgirl, Supergirl, and Catwoman at the very least. Any who knows, maybe the Wonder Woman movie merchandising will have some surprises and we'll see a set dedicated to all the Themyscrian ladies, and I won't even begin to speculate on all the goodness the Gotham City Sirens movie might bring us. I'm relentlessly hopefully about this stuff. Let's check out this new Wonder Woman Mighty Mini below!

This 3-Pack comes with the torso for the Build-a-Figure Darkseid.

Note the surprise Harley figure on the cardback. I will be reviewing her in a few weeks.

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Her are all the figures from the 3-Pack: Mongul, Wonder Woman, and Flash.

And here she is alongside last year's BvS Wonder Woman Mystery Mini.

And with the Funko's retro Wonder Woman.



  1. ROBB ArtApril 10, 2017 at 6:59 PM
    I am also very nostalgic for this scale, but personally dislike feeling through blind bags so I was very happy when I saw that Mattel was actually carding some of these. I have only seen these once in stores so far and unfortunately the Wonder Woman figure in that pack had a really messed up paint job on the face. I obviously passed but still want to pick it up if I see one again that has decent paint.

    I like that the face on this JLA mini better (the BVS mini seemed so expressionless to me), however, I liked the sculpt of the arms much better on the BVS mini! I may swap them out once I trackdown the JLA mini.

    1. The blind bag thing drives me nuts, too. Plus the paint on these is so hit-or-miss that it adds even more incentive to buy the multipacks. I just Photographed the Harley figure So I'll be posting the pics soon. It's cute, but looks like a completely different style than the rest of the Mighty Minis.

    2. The WW mini in the package I saw in hand literally looked like she had tire marks on her face! I hope I see another pack soon. You think with the cartoon on TV Mattel would realize that people want to actually buy these figures and get them into stores.