Saturday, March 5, 2016

Mighty Minis - WONDER WOMAN!

Batman v Superman - Mighty Minis Series 02 - Wonder Woman - Mattel 2016

Mighty Minis are relative newcomers to the blind-bag scene. I first noticed the WWE and Batman Unlimited assortments show up in stores late last year. I didn't expect to ever see any females in this line because of the squat and bulky nature of the bucks, but then the second assortment of Batman v Superman figures started showing up at Walmart a few weeks ago and suddenly a Wonder Woman was in the mix (as well as a gold variant). She is getting a ton of long-overdue attention from the Dawn of Justice movie. These figures are a far cry from the realistic proportions of the similarly-sized figures from Hasbro (Mighty Minis are way to stocky and broad), but they are still pretty fun collectibles. They measure in at 2" tall with four points of articulation and come disassembled so you get to squeeze for all the pieces. Luckily the capes are easy to feel for (and most of the men have capes). I'm super curious to see if we will get a similar assortment for Suicide Squad. Let's check out Wonder Woman below!

The bags are pretty nondescript. A small note of caution though: Both my local Walmarts apparently took the remaining stock of Series 01 bags and shoved them in the freshly opened boxes for Series 02. I don't think this was meant to be intentionally deceptive. The Series 01 boxes were probably mostly empty and damaged. But just be careful you're actually buying the series you expect.

I think the Gold figures are implied to be more elusive, but I actually think the distribution is pretty even.  I've picked up just as many Gold and Silver figures as regular ones.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the two Mini Wonder Women again.

And with two of the male Mighty Minis - Batman and Aquaman.

From Left to Right: Miniverse Scarlet Witch, Miniverse Gamora, the two Mighty Mini Wonder Women, Miniverse Black Widow, and Elephant Gun Arkham Knight Harley Quinn.



  1. Hi would you sell the colored wonder woman figure to me? Thanks.

  2. Hi would you sell the colored wonder woman figure to me? Thanks.