Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Invisible Jet with Mini Retro WONDER WOMAN!

Invisible Jet w/ Mini Retro Wonder Woman - Legion of Collectors Exc - Funko 2016

Funko makes a lot of different products these days. I think it's fun to see them experiment with new styles, and lately their test kitchen seems to be the various "powered by Funko" subscription boxes. The Women of DC box surprised everyone with this 1:28 scale retro Wonder Woman. My first reaction was slight disappointment over the loss of a potential Pop, Dorbz, or Mystery Minis. But when I finally opened her (three months later), I really appreciated the effort. I love this scale, but it's pretty rare these days (especially for DC characters). When the 3.75" Harley and Joker action figures were included in the Suicide Squad box, it was also a completely new product with uncertain future plans, but now we know there will be a whole line supporting the scale. I'm hoping there will also be future figures in this 1:28 scale, but I'm not sure how marketable they'll be to a wider audience. Maybe we'll see something more at Toy Fair in a month. I'm really looking forward to it. Let's check her out below!

Sorry for the quality of the photos. Sometimes small toys are hard to focus on.

Wonder Woman's jet sits loosely on a stand and has a removable cockpit dome.

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Here she is next to the Mighty Minis Wonder Woman.

From Left to Right:  Microverse Scarlet Witch, Mighty Mini Wonder Woman, Funko Mini Retro Wonder Woman, Battle Force 5 Agura Ibaden, and the Elephant Gun Harley Quinn.



  1. This was such a great surprise set! So few representations of WW with her jet and this is one of the best!

    1. I think it's funny how two of the jet's best representations so far have been with preschool lines (Imaginext and Little People). Perhaps the movie will inspire some more.