Saturday, May 13, 2017

Power Ranger Mega Collection - POISANDRA!

Power Rangers: Good vs. Evil - Red Ranger & Poisandra - Bandai 2017

My favorite thing about all the various Power Rangers series are all the crazy bumbling villains. Unfortunately the ratio of male to female characters is dismal at best and when the females do make their rare appearances, they are usually more ridiculous than ten male characters combined. And topping the ridiculous list would definitely have to be this amazingly absurd character, Poisandra. She was the love interest and evil henchwoman to the main baddie, Sledge, in the recent Power Ranger Dino Charge series. She looks like a court jester festooned with giant puffy hearts and her ultimate goal is to defeat the Rangers so Sledge will marry her. I believe her powers are simply that she's strong a ruthless. So no poison-related powers as her name implies (fun fact, her name in Japan is Candililla). Due to her offbeat appearance and personality, she quickly became a fan-favorite and the clamoring for a Poisandra action figure filled the message boards. It came a little late, but here she finally is in all her pink-hearted glory.

The little white thing on her chest is a face - similar to a drama mask with a laughing expression. It's pretty creepy. I was hoping the expression would change like Hexadecimal, but I'm pretty sure it stays the same.

Poisandra's articulation is typical for a modern 5" Power Rangers figure. I think she is intended to be articulated at her yellow cuffs, but both of mine seem stuck. If I try harder I feel I'll twist her arms right off.

You can see from these photos that the toy is missing a lot of costume details, but they really captured the essence well.

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Here is with her pack-mate: Dino Charge Red Ranger.


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