Saturday, June 24, 2017

Character Spotlight on CARRIE KELLEY (AS ROBIN)!

A Small Collection of Carrie Kelly (as Robin) from Dark Knight Returns

This time last year I didn't own a single Carrie Kelley toy, but I was just learning about all the new figures about to be released and decided that I needed to assemble a small collection of the most popular female Robin in the DC Universe. I started by picking up the old DC Direct figure from 2004 and within a few months I was hunting the Mattel Multiverse Robin. Now a year later I've added three new Carries to my collection: an Eaglemoss figurine, a Funko POP! vinyl, and an animated-style DC Collectibles figure. There is also a recent mini-bust from DST in her animated style, but I've decided to pass on that particular item along with a few of the higher-end statues that have come out over the years. I somehow doubt that we'll see much more Carrie as Robin merchandise, but with the Dark Knight themes in the Multiverse line, there's a slim chance we could see her as Catgirl (from Dark Knight Strike Again) or Batgirl (from DKIII: The Master Race). Maybe there will be some surprises at SDCC. Let's check out Carrie below!

I'll start with my most recent acquisition:

The New Batman Adventures #36 : Batman, Robin, and Mutant Leader
From the TNBA Episode "Legends of the Dark Knight" (Sculpted by Irene Matar)
DC Collectibles 2017

I previously thought this animated design was from the 2013 Dark Knight Returns animated film, it is not. The TNBA episode Legends of the Dark Knight inspired these designs and first aired in 1998.

Eaglemoss Masterpiece Collection - Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
Batman, Robin, and Joker
Eaglemoss 2016

Here she is next to the standard Poison Ivy Eaglemoss. The Masterpiece figures are in a larger scale and are made of a lightweight plastic instead of the heavy lead.

Funko POP! Heroes #115 (Previews Exclusive)
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns - Carrie Kelley Robin
Funko 2017

(These next two figures I actually reviewed last year in separate posts, but I wanted to include them again.)

DC Multiverse: New 52 Doomsday Wave
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns - Robin
Mattel 2016

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
Series 01 - Robin (Sculpted by Tim Bruckner)
DC Direct 2004

There are a bunch of statue items that I do not have in my collection. Here are swiped images from the internet.

This first statue was released by DC Comics in 1996 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the comics (this predates the creation of DC Direct by three years).

Here is the 2017 Bust from DST (from the 1998 TNBA episode "Legends of the Dark Knight").

This 2012 Dark Knight Returns Statue from DC Collectibles (Sculpted by Derek Miller) has a surprise Carrie Kelley hidden in the base.

This Dark Knight Strikes Again PVC (DC Direct 2002) features Carrie Kelley in her Cat-Girl suit.

And Cat-Girl again in this 2001 DC Direct Dark Knight Strikes Again Statue (Sculpted by William Paquet)

And finally there is this metal miniature I keep seeing on eBay by Knight Models. 
I'm 90% sure this figure comes in unpainted metal for you to paint yourself.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the three main "action figures" of the group together. 
From Left to Right: Mattel Multiverse, DC Collectibles Animated, DC Direct Comic.



  1. Just so you know, I think the DCC 3-pack and the DST bust are basted off of the TNBA episode "Legends Of The Dark Knight", not the 2013 movie. Great post otherwise! I love Carrie Kellie so it was nice to see all the different toys of her :)

    1. I read this comment right when it was posted but I have been travelling and posting on the run so i never got a chance to respond. I never knew about that episode honestly, but I did think there was a discrepancy between the 2013 film and the look of the animated Carrie products. I'll made the appropriate corrections above. Thanks!