Friday, August 11, 2017

Batman the Animated Series - BATGIRL!

Batman the Animated Series #41 - Barbara Gordon Batgirl - DC Collectibles 2017

Batman the Animated Series is loved for many reasons. It kept Batman on the forefront of non-print media (between films) in the 1990s, it developed many under-used characters like Mister Freeze, Ventriloquist, and Poison Ivy, and it introduced the powerhouse character Harley Quinn. But one of the things I was most appreciative of was the re-introduction of Batgirl to the Batman universe. Several years earlier she had been shot and crippled by the Joker in the comics and I was young enough to think the character was just gone forever. So when she started appearing in BTAS I was very very happy. Despite never really watching the show in it's first run, I was just ecstatic that she was out there somewhere. When the DC Animated Universe figures started coming out three years ago, this figure was one of my most wanted. I thought it would be difficult to get a good likeness because her (face) design seemed slightly different every time she appeared. But overall I'm very happy with the final result. Let's check her out below!

I don't know if my figure has a slight defect, or if this is an intentional design decision, but her (immovable) cape is off-center. From the front, I like it because it gives a slight wind-swept look. But from the back it looks like it could be an error.

Batgirl has all the same articulation I expect from the the BTAS line with the exception of the missing foot articulation (which kind of acted like an ankle rocker in previous figures). Also, the exposed hip pegs have been phased out.

Batgirl comes with a ton of interchangeable hands and a batarang.

I'm not a fan of figure stands personally, but the spring clip on the waist piece is a pretty significant improvement to the design.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with 2015 The New Batman Adventures Batgirl.

And with the BTAS Catwoman and Harley Quinn.



  1. I think I'm in the minority here, but I love the original BTAS so much than the TNBA redesigns. It's seems that most fans and Bruce Timm himself prefer TNBA designs so I really appreciate DC Collectibles dedication to giving us both versions for most the major players.

    Does it seem like the Cape may fall back into place a but with time (and gravity)?

    1. No her cape is completely immovable but shifted to the side. I still haven't compared mine to another figure yet. I'll probably check out some youtube reviews.

      I like both the BTAS and TNBA designs equally. After the Poison Ivy comes out my fingers are crossed for a Mystery of the Batwoman figure and if they do JLA I would love a Huntress.

  2. I would love a Timmverse Batwoman and Huntress (and Black Canary if they are dipping into JLU). Sadly, it kind of seems like they are winding this excellent line down.