Sunday, August 13, 2017

WWE Superstars - SASHA BANKS!

WWE Superstars (Girls' Line) - Ultimate Fan Pack: Sasha Banks - Mattel 2017

I talk a lot about the great transitional period we're in when it comes to action figures marketed towards girls. For the first time there is a real movement in the works. We've seen I Am Elemental from Rebel Elements, DC Superhero Girls from Mattel, and Miraculous Ladybug from Bandai (not to mention that awesome-looking Mysticons line coming soon from Playmates). But then we got a nice surprise earlier this Summer when Mattel announced a new WWE line aimed at girls (featuring both dolls and action figures). I think this is brilliant. I had just been binging GLOW on Netflix and thinking about the untapped market of young female wrestling fans. Then a few days later Idlehands posted the Mattel solicitation images, and then just a short month or later they appear on the shelves. I love a quick turnaround like that. The big Ultimate Fan Packs showed up first and this Sasha was my first exciting purchase from the line. I already have a handful more that I will be posting soon. But let's check Sasha out first below!

These "Ultimate Fan Pack"s are kind of silly for an adult collector. Sasha comes with two rings (which can only fit up to the first knuckle on my right pinky - my pinkies are different sizes.. don't ask). Although I am going to rock these out at the office on Monday and see if I gain some more respect (potential pics to follow).

She also comes with a DVD that I have yet to watch.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with a DC Superhero Girls Wonder Woman. I'm really shocked that they didn't stick to the same scale with this line. Not because I wanted it to be that way, but because I thought it would be cheaper for Mattel to produce.

But I guess it makes sense that they are in scale with the existing WWE line. I somehow misplaced all my WWE figures and could only find this Tamina figure because I reviewed her recently (so she was still sitting out). I went crazy searching for them because this review needs a side-by-side with my other Sasha figure. I will add the photo eventually.


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