Sunday, December 24, 2017

Marvel Legends - JESSICA JONES as JEWEL!

Marvel Legends - Defenders Boxset 4-Pack - Amazon Exclusive - Hasbro 2017

A large part of what I love about super-heroes is their cheesiness. The characters sport their colorful spandex and spout their bravado-infused tag lines, and I just eat it up. It's pretty rare for a character to be self-aware of this without being a comedy-based hero like Deadpool, but Jewel is the perfect example of a character who does just that. When we first met Jessica Jones in Alias #1, she was already the sour gritty gumshoe we know and love today. But a huge building block of that dark and brooding personality was her distancing herself from her former life as the cheesy colorful Avenger, Jewel. I know the character was created retroactively as a flashback story element, but that didn't stop me from loving the character. I never expected we'd see her in legends form, but a hit Netflix show is a powerful incentive. I was lucky enough to snag the Amazon-exclusive Defenders boxset when it was a Deal of the Day for $55 a few weeks ago. I'm so happy to have this pink-haired hero in my collection. Let's check her out below!

This female buck has seen better days. It usually has spindly warped legs and can't stand at attention without looking very uncomfortable. It probably needs to be retired.

The most annoying flaw (to me) with this figure is the paint on her pink jewel being too faded and translucent so you can see the belt beneath it. I will probably touch it up and make it match her hair.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the TV version of Jessica Jones.

And here she is with Silk. Jewel is essentially just a Silk repaint.

 And with a few of my Jewel collectibles so far: Marvel Universe and Minimates.

And here is the Defenders pack all together: Her husband Luke Cage, Dardevil, and Iron Fist.


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