Monday, August 1, 2016

Marvel Legends - SILK (CINDY MOON)!

Spider-Man Legends - Venom Series - Web-Slinging Heroines - Hasbro 2016

Silk is one of the many Spider-Ladies introduced in the Marvel Universe during the past few years. However, she slightly predates the rest of the bunch and her origins lead me to think her character was conceived before the whole Spider-Verse event. Cindy Moon was a student in the same lab where Peter Parker was bitten by that fateful radioactive spider. What wasn't revealed until recently is that Cindy was also bitten. Unlike Peter though, she could not control her powers and was locked in a bunker to protect herself and others from the spider-hunting Inheritors. Her release from the bunker acted as a beacon to those dimension-hopping Inheritors and triggered the Spider-Verse storyline. Although somewhat overshadowed by Spider-Gwen, Silk has had two successful solo series and starring roles in two others. Plus getting a fantastic Marvel Legends figure just two years after her debut speaks volumes. I can't wait to see who else we'll see in future Spider-Man waves. Let's check out Silk below!

Silk comes with a second unmasked head with a loose bandanna piece that hangs around her neck. I like the figure both ways, but the eyes on my unmasked head are a little asymmetrical.

Her first costume was just made of webbing. I wasn't a big fan of this look.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with her slot-mate: Ashley Barton Spider-Girl.


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