Friday, December 22, 2017

Marvel Select - SPIDER-GWEN!

Marvel Select (Collectible Action Figures w/ Diorama) - Spider-Gwen - DST 2017

It's amazing how quickly Spider-Gwen has become an A-list hero. I've already decided not to be a completist with her merchandise because it's coming out at a very rapid pace. Considering that her first toy, a TRU exclusive Minimate came out only two years ago, that's a very impressive rise - especially considering she hasn't been in a film, or even had a significant role in a cartoon yet. The Marvel Select line from DST has been blowing my mind recently. Back in the day, I felt that these figures were awkwardly pre-posed and had awkward articulation and diorama pieces (I remember being very disappointed in She-Hulk). But between this Spider-Gwen and the recent Lady Deadpool, I am now super impressed with the line. The sculpt, articulation, and scale is just great all-around. The only thing that keeps me from being a die-hard fan is the very slow release schedule. Lines like Marvel Legends are much more satisfying purely due to the speedy production. I'm thinking we will eventually get a (movie) Gamora and an apology She-Hulk, but any figures with this level of quality will easily find a spot in my collection.

I should note that her hood is attached to the top of her head. I mention it because almost every other toy of her so far has has a free-floating hood.

Gwen's articulation is very good, but I wish her hips had a greater range of motion. Also, be warned that if you are rough when posing her legs, you might scrape the black paint off the edge of her hip joints. I did it to mine, but it's barely noticeable in these photos.

This figure comes with an alternate unmasked Gwen Stacy head and three extra hands.

She also come with a diorama base featuring a defeated robot lying in ruins.

Time for some Group and Comparison pics!

Here she is next to her Marvel Legends figure. While Marvel Select figures have been shrinking in stature and Marvel Legends have been growing, this ML Gwen happens to be built on the newer teenage body so the size difference is pretty drastic.

And here they are with the animated version from ZD Toys.

And here she is with the recent Marvel Select Lady Deadpool.

It's amazing how much Gwen stuff I've amassed in two short years. And this collection photo isn't even complete.



  1. This figure is a big no no for me. She looks clunky, and her unmasked head is too weird. I loved it when Marvel Select gave us figures that Legends wouldn't do, like Mephisto, The Watcher, Cloak and Dagger etc. The new Destroyer is what I think Marvel Slect does best.

  2. I have this figure and love it. A great companion piece to my Marvel Legends Gwen.

  3. I dont like it neither. Absolutly unnecesary.
    Marvel ever inventing stupid skins and heroes to win more money. Now there are 2000 spiderman versions... nosense.