Monday, February 19, 2018

Star Wars 6" Last Jedi - REY (ISLAND JOURNEY)!

Star Wars: The Black Series #58 - Rey (Island Journey) - Hasbro 2017

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. During NY Toy Fair week it seems that every time I sit down at my computer I end up Googling for new reveals or unauthorized photos for hours and before I know it I'm struggling to keep my eyes open. It's a frantic and obsessive few days for me and it's honestly getting worse every year. But alas, I'm back to normal now (until SDCC of course) and really itching to get back into regular posting. I picked up this new Rey figure in Target a couple weekends ago and I'm really impressed with the new face sculpt. I thought the Jedi Training Rey was really great, but in comparison it's honestly pretty weak. It should be really interesting to see if things improve even more when Episode Nine comes out. I wonder if we'll see Rey in a sleek all-black outfit like Luke wore in Return of the Jedi. I feel like her costumes have really paralleled Luke's in the original trilogy so far so it's not a crazy thought. This is the fifth 6" Black Series Rey so far, and it's definitely my favorite. Let's check her out below!

Oh I loathe soft good so much on these figures. This poncho is a cumbersome blob.

But luckily underneath she's wearing her vest that she had on for the majority of the movie.

My only complaint with this figure is that she has an exposed neck joint like a lot of Marvel Legends figures have.

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Here are my three Black Series Reys:  Jakku and Jedi Training.


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  1. Thanks for sharing the review. I have to say the photo of the 3 Rey together I can see the improvement done. You are right in comparison, it is getting better. However I find the neck seem a bit odd position.