Thursday, May 17, 2018

Funko Vynl - HARLEY QUINN!

DC Super Heroes Vynl - Harley Quinn & The Joker 2-Pack - Funko 2018

Harley isn't just for the comic nerds anymore. She belongs to the world now and our opinions about her character trajectory don't carry much weight anymore. I'm actually pretty okay with most of her various evolutions. I was skeptical of her most recent Skullbags punk rock look at first but I quickly grew to love it. And honestly all the comic looks had the same gradual acceptance for me. That's because my all-time favorite look will forever be her original cartoon and early comic outfit. Whenever a piece of merchandise comes out in that red and black jester getup, I feel an irresistible draw toward it.  I pick and choose with all the other Harley looks, but the classic will always be a shoe-in. I'm getting rather fond of Funko's Vynl line. This Harley was my fourth Vynl (Sorceress will be my 5th when she arrives), and I like them more and more with each purchase. I'm really hoping we see a Catwoman next just to round out the Sirens. A Huntress and Batwoman wouldn't hurt either. Let's check out Harley below!

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with her pack-mate Joker.

Here is my collection of Funko Harleys: Pint Size, BTAS POP, Vynl, Mystery Minis, Rock Candy, and Dorbz.

And with my other Bat-Family Vynls so far: Batgirl and Poison Ivy.


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  1. I still have yet to pick up this two-pack (which is sad, since one of the main foci of my collections is the Joker and Harley), but at least I got Batgirl/Poison Ivy last year. I never quite understood why those two were packaged together. Ivy should have been with Catwoman. Batgirl had so many other opportunities - Batwoman, Robin, Nightwing, etc. Another cool two-pack would be New 52 (Amanda Conner) Harley with Power Girl.