Sunday, November 4, 2018

Stranger Things - BARB!

Stranger Things Wave 3 - Barb (GameStop Exclusive) - McFarlane Toys 2018

I have pretty vivid memories of watching the first episode of Stranger Things. I loved it from the very start. My formative years took place in a small rural town in the early 1980s. So the the setting, the clothes, the slang, even the exact VHS storage cases in the living room were ripped right out of my childhood. But my strongest reaction was when Barbara Holland first stepped on screen clutching her Trapper Keeper against her ruffled shirt. I knew her, I knew a dozen Barbs. It wasn't just the physical look either. It was the shy confidence she exuded. Quiet but assertive. I surround myself with people who can occupy opposite ends of a spectrum, and Barb does just that. It seems like everyone loved her as well, as actor Shannon Purser has become a fan favorite with roles in Riverdale, Rise, and the starring role in the Netflix film Sierra Burgess is a Loser (which I've watched twice and adore). I was so glad when McFarlane Toys announced this figure. It's not a perfect likeness, but it's instantly recognizable as Barb.

This figure unfortunately features two of the trickiest toy-production-pitfalls: Glasses and patterned clothing. The plaid on her shirt is uneven, thick in some areas, lighter in others. And the fact that the pattern isn't printed in the jointed areas really stands out. The glasses aren't bad actually, but glasses always look like chunky props on an action figure (and cast weird shadows).

Barb comes with a figure stand, her iconic binder, and her fateful can of beer.

She has a peg on the palm of her hand to hold her notebook.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Barb with the Season One and Season Two Elevens.


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  1. Shocked when I saw this @ Gamestop! McFarlane had gotten pretty good at plaid clothing for their smaller scale Walking Dead line, but I think the size of this figure is too large for it to look good up close. I've been thinking of just repainting it a sold color, but not sure if it's that bad.