Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Marvel Legends Vintage - THE WASP!

Marvel Legends: Vintage (Toy Biz) Series 02 - The Wasp - Hasbro 2018

I was a little bitter when this figure was announced. I'm a sucker for classic impractical costumes and I thought for sure the rumored vintage series Wasp would be her red and black helmeted original Avengers costume. But instead we got this obscure blue outfit that she only wore in two issues in the early 2000s. I'm fairly certain the only reason fans really love it is because this was intended to be a variant in the 2006 Marvel Legends MODOK wave. That variant was never released, so she instantly became a holy grail for most collectors. Personally, I couldn't stand female Marvel Legends figure back then. They were gangly and awkward and I always found them so disappointing. So, I literally viewed the cancelled variant as one less sub-par figure to be tempted by. My opinions are pretty harsh, but at the same time I am a little jealous of the enthusiasm everyone else seems to have for their ToyBiz nostalgia. But in the end, this figure ended up looking so great that I don't even have to pretend. Let's check her out below!

The packaging of this vintage wave is awesome. If you ever see these in a store, even if you don't plan on making a purchase, just pick it up and feel the quality of the cardback and overall packaging. She was actually surprisingly difficult to open.

Wasp comes with her wings (in a cool iridescent pink color) and a miniature unarticulated Ant-Man.

This Wasp costume only appeared in two issues: Avengers (Vol 3) #32 & #33. from 2000.

So, as stated above, this figure is a tribute to the unreleased 2006 Marvel Legends Series 15 (MODOK Build-a-Figure) Wasp variant. The standard Wasp release was a black and yellow costume with a pixie haircut. There were two intended variants: a Red and Black version with a bob haircut, and this blue version (with the same hair). The Blue one never hit the shelves.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are three Marvel Legends Wasps: Modern Comic, Vintage ToyBiz, and MCU.

And with some other winged ladies: Stinger and Beetle.

This Wasp figure is using the head from the recent Domino.



  1. This costume is weird to me. It should be ugly, but something about the color combo is really pretty to me. Doesn't help it's a really nice figure. Those wings tho 😍😍😍

  2. It's such a pretty head sculpt, I was wondering where I'd seen it before. Thanks for the side-by-side with Domino!