Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Aquaman Movie 6" Basic - MERA!

Aquaman Movie 6" Basic Figure - Series 02 - Mera - Mattel 2018

I saw the Aquaman movie this weekend and found it really entertaining. The visuals and costumes were great. I especially loved the different races/species depicted among the seven undersea kingdoms. And who knew the cheesy seahorse steeds could be so badass?! I only had two issues with the film. Firstly, Black Manta seemed shoehorned into the story. He probably should have been the spotlight villain in the next Aquaman movie and let Orm take center stage here. (Although if they're prepping for a Legion of Doom storyline, they probably needed to get him on screen asap). My second complaint was a lot of weak dialogue. There were "serious" points where the movie morphed into a poorly written soap opera. Don't get me wrong, I liked the story, it was just the dialogue that was weak. I felt that Amber Heard as Mera looked phenomenal, but as an actress I felt that she did the best she could with the words she was given and the end result is a commendable, but not terrific performance.

These basic series figures based on movie properties are getting better and better (both with Marvel and DC toys). This basic Mera might be the first one that actually looks better than her main (Multiverse) release. There's something about the face sculpt and the paint apps that just look better. The only over-simplified aspect is her hair, which seems to have had all the details washed away.

Mera comes with two water accessories that clip onto her forearms.

I would love to see a figure of Nicole Kidman's Queen Atlanna. I don't ever care if they cheap out on the costume and give us a repainted Mera body.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Mera with some other semi-recent basic figures: the Justice League Basic Wonder Woman, and the Batman Missions Batgirl.

From Left to Right: Multiverse Mera, Basic Mera, True-Movies Mera, and HeroWorld Mera.

Cheers and Merry Chistmas!

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  1. I really enjoyed the movie too. I've heard a lot of criticism about the dialogue, but I think when taken as a package, I wasn't too bothered by it. What stands out to me about Aquaman is that it inherently embraces the silliness of the source material, but is able to transcend that silliness because the movie is not preoccupied with seeming cool or badass. I think early on there's kind of a handshake deal between the movie and the viewer: you either go along with all the silliness, or you stay behind, and it kind of takes a leap to let the movie take you where it eventually goes. I looked at the dialogue as being a component of that, like it was hokey and a bit undercooked at times, but it was never so bad that it took me out of things.